Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Thapki coming her home for the pagphere. Poonam says now you look married and talks to her about her inlaws. Thapki gets sad and lies to them. Poonam asks did Bihaan say anything. Aditi says what will he tell now, after Thapki married Dhruv. Krishnakant says they have set shagun. Aditi takes the apple and takes it. They do not see the pic.

Suman and Preeti get Dadi’s permission to go to meet Thapki at her home and bring her back along Bihaan. They plan to show the pic to Thapki’s family and not bring Thapki back. They smile. Vasundara, Dhruv, Bihaan and everyone go to take Thapki back. Varun asks Bihaan to have sweets, as marriage has happened and they should forget the past. Vasundara asks Bihaan to have sweets to keep the new relation. Krishnakant gives watch to Dhruv. Aditi says I got this for you, please wear it. Dhruv stops her.

He says he will wear it on special occasion. Suman says she wants water and goes to take. She sees the fruit basket having pic inside and throws it down, to make everyone see the pic. She apologizes and says don’t know how did this happen. Poonam says its fine, we will pick it, you go and sit.

The pic falls under the table. Suman asks Krishnakant to see an apple near his chair. Bihaan sees the pic and gets stunned. He stops Krishnakant and picks the pic. He hides it. Suman and Preeti’s plan flops. Bau ji says now we will leave. Thapki’s mangalsutra falls and Poonam sees it. She says its good it did not break and asks Dhruv to make Thapki wear it. Vasundara says Thapki will wear herself. Aditi asks Dhruv to make Thapki wear mangalsutra to revive marriage memories. Dhruv gets tensed. He is about to make Thapki wear it. Thapki stops him and says Dhruv can’t make me wear mangalsutra. Poonam and Krishnakant ask why, whats the matter. Thapki says he has no right to do so and cries. Vasundara gets tensed. Krishnakant and Poonam look at Dhruv.

Thapki hugs Krishnakant, saying sorry and cries. Krishnakant asks her what is she saying. She says she has hidden a big truth from them. She says Dhruv is not my husband. They all get shocked. Thapki hugs Poonam and tells that her marriage happened with Bihaan. They all get shocked and look at Bihaan.

Thapki and her family face humiliation by Diwakar. Thapki cries.

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