Swaragini 10th September 2015 Written Episode

Dadi threatens Sumi and says she will trouble her like a filmy mum in law. She says onions was already cut, but I made you cut it as I want to see your tears. Sumi says she will prove that she is right. Dadi says I will snatched your peace, so that you don’t get strength to prove anything. Sujata is unwell and tells Annapurna that her son is away. Annapurna tells he is outside the house. Sanskar comes with Swara. Sujata gets angry at Swara. Annapurna asks her to stop talking much. Swara asks her to take care and asks Sanskar to come soon before leaving. Sujata tells she will snatch him from her. She says whatever you are doing is because of Swara. My son have to stay in tent without AC on floor. Annapurna asks him to go to their other house. Sanskar says Swara want to stay there and says we are one family. Annapurna asks Parineeta to make dinner.

Laksh gets Adarsh’s call informing him that he is not needed in the meeting. Laksh asks how is Chachi? Swara thinks he is talking to her and replies she is fine. Laksh tells I am not talking to you and asked Bhabhi. Parineeta says she is fine. Laksh goes to his room. Swara asks Parineeta to come as she wants to talk to her. Parineeta refuses to talk to her. Swara takes her to room and tells she have seen Adarsh with some girl. Parineeta asks how can you say nonsense. Ragini hears them.

Ragini comes to Laksh and tells him that Swara is accusing Adarsh for having an affair. Parineeta scolds Swara for accusing her husband. Everyone hears Parineeta and comes there. Swara tells she didn’t want to keep her in dark so she told her. Parineeta tells Annapurna that Swara is blaming Adarsh for having an affair. Ragini scolds Swara and asks her to say after thinking. She asks her to atleast respect relations. She asks her to take revenge on her and not mixed poison in Parineeta and Adarsh married life. Laksh says we don’t trust you. Sujata says Laksh said right. Sanskar asks why did you come out. Sujata says she is a big liar and asks how can you accuse Adarsh. Annapurna asks why you are saying this? You did this drama, just you entered the house. She asks Sanskar to take his wife. Swara tells Adarsh have no meeting today as he is meeting that girl in pinewood hotel,in room no. 124.

Laksh says okay, we will go there in the evening. If you proved wrong then. Swara says she will accept the punishment. Everyone come to the hotel in the evening. Sanskar says I trust Swara and she never lies. They ring the door bell. Adarsh comes out of room and is shocked to see his family standing. They see some men inside, asking Adarsh to read the papers. Adarsh asks them if they are having some problem. Laksh says nothing. Adarsh tells I will come late. Ragini signs Adarsh and he smiles at her. Swara looks at them. Parineeta cries. Ragini acts to consoles her. Laksh tells it is Swara’s habit to lie. Ragini eyes Swara. Sujata cries and tells Swara is a liar. Annapurna asks why yoy are crying. Parineeta cries and tells Swara has insulted their relation. Annapurna tells that girl is breaking their family. Durga Prasad looks on.

Swara tells Sanskar that nobody will belief them. She tells Ragini must have informed Adarsh and says Ragini is playing with Adarsh and Parineeta’s life. Sanskar says we have to keep Adarsh away from that girl. Ragini recalls informing Adarsh about Swara seeing him with a girl. Adarsh thanks her and says Swara is lying. Sujata suspects Ragini and thinks she is behind it. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that she want to talk to Swara. Durga Prasad asks her not to talk in anger and says I will talk to them. Sanskar says Ragini is getting bad day by day. Swara says she is spoiling many lives in her blinded love. Sanskar is about to say something, but Swara says it is okay. Swara sits on the bed and falls down. Sanskar says that what I want to tell you….He tries to lift her and falls with her. They have an eye lock.

Ragini under a drug influence tells that Swara never lies and confesses to her crimes, leaving everyone shocked. .

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