Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 10th September 2015 Written Episode

Ranveer and Shikhar leave for police station and asks the family to inform them if Ishaani’s news come. Chaitali questions who is Ishaani’s enemy if Ritika has gone to jail.

Ranveer was driving, thinking about mota bapu deterring him for loving his daughter. Ranveer thinks why is this so that everytime they come together someone comes between them. Shekhar was in his own car, he tells the other one to be alert, police is in search of Ishaani and no one must know what they are upto.

The kidnapper calls Ranveer telling him that Ishaani is with him. Ranveer asks to speak to Ishaani but the kidnapper hangs on. He tells Ishaani that her lover is out to find her, and till he reaches here Ishaani will be dead.

Ranveer and Shikhar come to jail, Ranveer asks Ritika where Ishaani is. Ranveer and Shikhar insist that Ritika has done this all for sure. Ritika says she doesn’t know, and questions why Shikhar is so concerned with Ishaani. Ritika says to Ranveer that she can be no worse than be in jail. Ritika says that she has no motive now to get ishaani kidnapped, but Shikhar loves Ishaani a lot and has a reason to keep her away from him. Shikhar is enraged at her but Ritika asks Ranveer to ask the caller who sent her. Shikhar says to RV that Ritika is just diverting his attention, they must leave for home to find Ishaani out. Ranveer says to Ritika that he will find Ishaani in any way. Ranveer tells the inspector who says they are trying to look for the number.

At home, Ranveer says that they couldn’t find Ishaani. Police arrive at home and says that the number that called him was registered on Shikhar’s name. RV thinks about Ritika’s accusation on Shikhar but Shikhar is clueless, he says that he himself is looking for Ishaani himself. He tells police that this is a new trick, the kidnapper now wants to confuse them so that kidnapper can take Ishaani away. Shikhar leaves saying he will bring Ishaani back now. Ranveer tells police he knows Shikhar can’t do so, this has been done by someone who doesn’t want them to be together.

Amba and Kailash were in room, Amba says this is good now as all will get set, Kailash insists that Ranveer loves Ishaani so much that he will be torn if something happens to Ishaani. Amba says she has seen Ranveer dying again and again because of Ishaani, it is better Ishaani stays away from them. Kailash asks what she is saying. Amba says she is a mother, who can go to any limit for the happiness of her son.

Ishaani was tied to a seat on the goddown. She wakes up and finds herself tied to the chair, and vigorously tries to free herself calling for help. The kidnapper places a cover on her face, Ishaani asks who is he and why has he brought her here. The young man keeps his hand on her mouth telling her to shut up, only he will speak here. He makes a call and tells his boss that they are in the safe house. Ishaani moved vigorously, he gripped her head back and pushed it backward, listening to his employer’s instructions. He gets a big sharp knife and heads towards Ishaani and removes the cover off her face.

Ranveer comes into the room.
The kidnapper says Ishaani must do as she says to him. He says he doesn’t like the ones who doesn’t listen to him. Ishaani cries and says he must have a misunderstanding, he must leave her. The kidnapper holds her jaw and says she must do what he says her to. Ishaan cries to leave her. He shouts at her to stop.
Ranveer fell on the floor besides the bed.
The kidnapper says she might not listen to him this easy, he must adopt his method.

PRECAP: Ranveer looks into the bag and sees a cut bangle into it, he reads the message that this time he has sent her bangle but if he doesn’t follow the instruction, he will get Ishaani’s hand next time.

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