Tere Sheher Mein 10th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bua and Sumitra filling Rama’s ears against Amaya. Rama takes Amaya and leaves. Bua apologizes to the guests. Rama makes Amaya stand in the shower and she faints. He lifts her. Its morning, Amaya wakes up and says how did I reach here and sees her saree changed. She recalls Rama taking her to room. She says did Rama…. Rama comes there. Amaya asks what happened yesterday night, answer me, did you… I don’t remember anything, answer me.

Rama says whats the problem, I m your husband, you cheated your family to marry me, whats wrong I did being your husband, don’t be mistaken that I m interested in you, leave about touching you, I don’t want to see your face, I told Maasi and got your clothes changed, I don’t love you, I see my bad fate in you, my life is not less than hell, you did not leave your mum, now you are ruining our name, you got drink in mu dikhai ritual, these are your values. They argue.

He says he can’t trust her, as she cheated Rachita and Sneha, she has fallen so low, no one will forgive her. She cries and says its not true, trust me, I did not drink. He says how much will you life, I don’t have time to hear this nonsense. He leaves. Amaya thinks how to tell everyone I did not drink, why did I do that in mu dikhai, what happened to me and recalls Sumitra making her drink the kada. She says it means Bua did this to take revenge from me.

Sumitra talks to Kangana and talks to her mum. Nani asks which room will you give Kangana, its just storeroom left. Sumitra says she will make Amaya clean the room, I have thought how to trouble Amaya. Amaya confronts Bua for mixing wine in kada. Sumitra scolds Amaya. Amaya says I don’t drink, why will I drink wine in my mu dikhai, Bua has mixed something.

Bua gets angry and starts drama. Amaya says she is acting, and asks Sumitra to listen. Sumitra says I will teach a lesson to Amaya. Amaya says I m not lying. Sumitra slaps her. She scolds Amaya. She says she knows everything, Amaya is a cheater, she has cheated her family and them too. She asks Amaya to get ready, she has to go Maayka for her pagphere. Amaya asks how can I go there, she has ended all ties with them.

Sumitra says you ended tied, we did not, you know how to go there, its ritual in our home. I will see how your mum scolds you, I have just slapped on your cheek, your mum will slap on your existence, fun just started, see what happens next, there are many rituals to keep, go and get ready. Amaya thinks how will she face her family and cries. Rama talks to Mantu on phone and asks him to come, they will go together. Amaya comes there and says I can’t go. She collides with the bed and waters fall on the papers. Rama asks what did she do. Amaya asks for Rama’s help, and asks him to talk to his mum, she can’t go for pagphere.

Mantu hears them. Rama says you called me coward, why should I help, he goes. Amaya thinks how to stop this pagphere rasam. She looks for Sumitra. Mantu comes there. Amaya says I have to ask for Mantu’s help, he can explain Rama. She asks Mantu to help her, and convince Rama to tell her mum that she can’t go for pagphere. Mantu says I came to meet my friend Rama, where is your husband.

She says I can’t go there, everyone hates me, I really need your help. Mantu refuses and goes with Rama. Amaya asks Bua to talk to Sumitra. Bua says you have to go. Amaya gets ready to go to Chobey Nivaas.Sumitra reminds her that she can come after completing pagphere ritual. Rudra sees Amaya coming, and tells Sneha. Amaya knocks the door. Kripa shuts the door seeing her. He tells Sneha that Amaya is standing outside. Rachita says did they make Amaya leave her house and goes to see.. Rachita opens the door. Everyone come there and see Amaya.

Sumitra asks Sneha will she just make her bahu stand at the door and tells about pagphere rasam.

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