Jamai Raja 11th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with DD stopping Roshni from leaving and says only she can take care of her. She permits them to adopt Ayesha. Everyone is happy. Roshni gets happy and hugs her. DD says she needs some time to know Ayesha and vice versa, to make relation with her. She keeps a condition and asks them not to leave the house. Sid and Roshni agrees happily. Ayesha calls her Nani and hugs her. DD hesitantly says good and asks her to go to Roshni. She then apologizes to Simran and Raj, and asks them to do dinner. She says you shall go after breakfast in the morning. Raj asks her to order them in DD’s style. DD asks them to have dinner. Raj says this is your style. DD asks Roshni to keep her stuff and come. Roshni takes Ayesha inside. DD looks on. In the morning, Beeji tells we had a good time here. DD apologizes to them. Simran says we are one family and it happens. She gives gift to Ayesha. Ayesha thanks Simran and Raj, and calls them Dada and Dadi.

Someone comes from Local Adoption centre and says we have complaint against you. DD says what? The woman says we have to check the paper work. Ayesha asks them to go, and says they are my mamma and papa. Sid asks Ayesha not to behave badly with them and asks Roshni to take care of her. He tells he wants to adopt Ayesha legally and will do the paper work also. The woman asks him to sign on the bonds. Sid says he has no objection and will do the formality. Roshni asks Nani to take care of Ayesha.

Sam brings Mona and her friends to Yash’s office. Mona says you should have informed Yash. Sam says he is her husband. She goes to his cabin. Ayesha finds chocolates in the kitchen cabinet and eats it sitting inside it. DD comes and closes the door. Ayesha gets scared and asks to open the door. DD says no one will take you out. She says she sent Roshni from here, and domestic help is busy cleaning the house. She thinks she acted to stop Roshni and thinks it is a matter of some days, then this girl will be out of her sight. Ayesha knocks on the door asking to open the door.

Sam, Mona and her friends come to Yash’s cabin and sees him intimate with a woman. Sam shouts. She asks what Krutika is doing here? Yash tells Krutika works here. Krutika says she got hurt, so he was just helping her out. Sam accuses Krutika for repeating history and is about to slap Krutika, but Yash holds her hand asking have you gone mad. He says I told you already that she works here. He says we share just professional relations and not more than that. He reminds her that this is his work place. Sam rues to ruin Krutika and warns her. Mona takes her away. Krutika leaves cryingly.

Sid and Roshni back home and doesn’t find Ayesha at home. They get tensed and look for her. Everyone get worried. Sid asks DD, if Ayesha is in your room. DD says no. She acts to call for Ayesha, when everyone is calling her name. Finally they hear her voice and opens the door. Ayesha gets unconscious. Roshni asks how did this happen? Nani asks to call the doctor. DD gets tensed. Doctor comes and checks Ayesha, saying you had opened the door at the right time else she might have suffocated. He asks them to take care and leaves. Roshni asks Nani, why she didn’t take care of Ayesha. Nani apologizes. Nani Maasi says she didn’t do any mistake and blames Ayesha for hungry since births. Roshni says it is enough and asks them to go.

Nani Maasi opens the box and gets her hand injured. Ayesha tells that she didn’t kept knife it it and had placed a toy inside. She says Nani Maasi is lying. Roshni gets angry and says she will slap her. Just then adoption centre women come there and stops Roshni.

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