Reporters 11th September 2015 Written Episode

Ananya tells Anurag that among all engagement gifts, his greeting card was best, so she brought him chocs as return gift. She then says she praised him a lot in front of her mom and brother and now they want to meet him, so she has decided she will take him home during his next holidays for many days. Anurag says he will ask mom to prepare new dishes daily and will learn cooking. Ananya says that is a good decision. Taruni takes her aside and says she is happy that she is marrying kabeer. Ananya says she is just like Ronnie who is always with him when she needs him, she always guides Kabeer, she wants to be her friends. Taruni says why not.

Malvika gives her resignation letter to Khalid and says she is going back to her papa. He asks why is she taking spontaneous decision. She says she is very clear now in her life and knows her priorities now. If she wanted to be in top position, she would have removed him from his job by asking her father. He asks if she informed Kabeer. she says not yet. Kabeer enters and says if her decision is right, he will not stop her. Malvika says her decision is right and before going, she wants to apologize Ananya. He says she is very intelligent and focused and should think positive. Malvika says yes. He wishes her all the best.

Sunny enters KKN office and looks at Baby with eager eyes. She does not pay him attention, but when he leaves sadly, she thinks he should turn back. Sunny turns back and walks towards her. She says she also loves him. Ananya, Ronnie, and Richa hear that and taunt Sunny. Ronnie then tells there is a board meeting now and they all walk towards board room.

In board room, Richa discusses about a new idea and kabeer likes it. Ananya says she will bring research material. Kabeer says it sounds good and asks Manav’s opinion. He says he will use it in his 7 p.m. news. Ananya gets mail from her father’s e-mail ID that he did not suicide. She gets emotional and walks out. Kabeer looks at her and tries to leave. Shreya stops him and says new idea is good and they should discuss it and let ananya get lead. Manav says they should be professional and keep personal issues at home. Kabeer walks out. Malvika scolds him that he is a waste body and cannot get any lead, but backbites everyone and walks out of board room.

Kabeer asks Ananya what happened. She shows email ID and says it came from papa’s ID. Kabeer is shocked to hear that. Malvika takes him side and tells Shreya and Manav have united and will try to harm her and Ananya, so he should be careful.

Ananya tells Kabeer her papa is alive, else how can he send mail. Kabeer says this cannot be and someone is tricking her. She says she will find a lead and will bring out papa’s truth. He says he will get IP address first and asks her not to tell anyone about it.

Precap: Hidden truths cannot be hidden for a long time, it will burn like fire and come in front somehow.

Precap: No precap today.

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