Satrangi Sasural 11th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vibha tells them all that she has poisoned vihaan and he shall die in the next 24 hours, while she lives on. harpreet points out, much to everyone’s shock and despair, that vihaan is bleeding from the nose. They are apalled, while vibha shows them them the antidote saying that its for only one person and then to their horror, she finishes it herself, saying that now she shall live, while they watch their vihaan die. They are apalled. Vibha says that now only she can save vihaan, as she has the antidote. But for that, they shall have to agree on one condition. Arushi asks whats the bet. Vibha says that she wants arushi and vihaan’s divorce. They are outraged and distraught. She further enrages them by saying after that, she would get married to vihaan, and they would help her. They agree standing helpless. Vibha evilly says that she is going to get ready as its her and vihaan’s marriage. She throws the divorce papers at arushi, asking them to keep it ready, while she returns back. she goes. they all attend to vihaan. later, the doctor comes and tells that there’s some weird drug given. He says that a drug tested on animals has been given, and that the antidote to it is very rare, and should be administered asap, or else it shall be fatal. he keeps dozing off. Vibha comes dressed as a bride, asking arushi that she hasnt signed the papers yet. she hurriedly says that she is ready and complies, while vihaan keeps asking her not to do so. she eyes him overwhelmingly and then signs the papers, while the mothers are tensed. she then takes the papers to him, and asks him to sign. when he doesnt, she makes him swear on her and the chldren, for whom he has to stay alive, for their welfare, as they shall be toegther only if they are alive. they both eye the children emotionally, and then on mothers’ coaxing, he signs them. arushi hurriedly gives the forms to vibha, and asks her to give the antidote of poison to vihaan. Vibha amusedly asks whats the hurry, and wait as some rituals are left, like taking off the mangalsutra from her neck by vibha. they are outraged, and he shouts at her. she asks him not to do so, as his health shall be fatal, as he would have to comply to her wishes as it is. Arushi emotionally goes to him, asking him to do so, while he has tears in his eyes, begging her not to make him do this. She gets emotional too, but becomes strong and takes off the mangalsutra from the neck, while he closes his eyes, unable to see it. the mothers are distraught and in tears. Vibha smiles evilly, as she is given the mangalsutra by arushi. She wickedly grabs it, while mini is boggled as she notices the pen and papers in vibha’s hands. then vibha asks them to hurry for the mehendi ritual. Mini finds that vibha’s mobile isnt in her hand, and must be in the room, and decides to find some clue from there. She starts to search vibha’s room, stealthily sneaking out. meanwhile, he starts coughing blood, his conditon worsening by the minute. the mothers are outraged and apalled while she asks arushi to write his name on her hand. arushi does, while they ask her to hurry up and finish the drama, and why does she bother for the rituals, as their son is getting sicker by the minute. vibha says that there are lots of rituals left, and she isnt dressed completely too. she asks geeta and harpreet to dress her up. they are in despair. meanwhile, mini comes out and signals arushi to come. She gets upto leave, when vibha stops her. she shows that she has inked v on her hand. vibha allows her to go.

Arushi and mini go to a secluded area, and then mini shows her vibha’s number. she then shows the last dialled number. Arushi calls up someone and tells him, that she is forwarding a number, and needs the number’s location straightaway. she then tells mini that she is scared for vihaan, while mini asks her to have faith on their love. A tensed geeta comes and arushi instructs them to do exactly as vibha tells them to do, and says that she is going out with mini, while they have to hold the fort here, and not let vibha know that they are gone. they sneak out. geeta hopes that they come back soon, before the marriage is over.

In the hall, the priest asks them to begin with the wedding rituals. Vihaan and vibha sit, while vihaan’s condition starts debiliating, as the priest chants. then its time for gadhbandhan, and vibha looks at granny and asks her to do it. granny refuses plainly. Vibha asks her to do it or else vihaan dies. they are apalled. Granny, helplessly goes over and then does the gadhbandhan. Vibha smiles evilly. the priest asks them to stand for the pheras. geeta hopes that they come soon. The pheras commence. Vihaan walks in a daze. vibha notices arushi gone and asks where is she. they stand speechless.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Arushi gets a call, and finds the location of the number, Banwari Lal, vibha’s lawyer. They hurriedly drive. they reach the house. Arushi and mini nab the person. she breaks a bottle, and then holds the sharp end to his eyes, asking him where’s the antidote to the poison. He is scared. she finally gets it out of him, and they rush out, while mini slaps him for what he did.

On the road, they are hurriedly running to make it in time, when arushi collides into a rock, and the antidote falls into the gutter. they are apalled. the screen freezes on arushi’s shocked face.

Precap: Arushi comes in hurriedly to the house, with mini, and tells them that she got the antidote. they are relieved and administer it to vihaan. Vibha is stunned and shocked. Seeing her game up, vibha stealthily makes her way out. Arushi and the others go to attend to vihaan, and then arushi suddenly asks where’s her children. granny assures her that they are in her room. when they go to check, they find one of them gone. They are distraught. Arushi gets vibha’s call, saying that she admits her defeat, and realises that she cant win over her. She says that she has much pride on her satrangi sasural and hence she would ruin it only. They are shocked, as Vibha’s men later set the whole house on fire, as they are trapped inside.

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