Tere Sheher Mein 11th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sumitra saying about pagphere ritual. Sneha scolds Amaya and asks everyone to come inside. Amaya says she got laddoos for Jaz. Sneha throws the laddoos and says this house’s door is shut for you forever. Amaya cries. Sneha shuts the door on her face. Bua says where will Amaya go, she can’t come to our home without pagphere. Nani says its good, we will get rid of her. Sumitra says we will go home now and asks Amaya to think.

Rachita asks Sneha to let Amaya come. Sneha says no, what shall I do and asks them not to open the door. Amaya cries sitting outside. She recalls her childhood moments with Sneha. Janam janam hai tu hi mere paas maa………..plays………………….Sumitra is cleaning the room for Kangana and brings Amaya’s items. She throws it and Amaya argues. Bua asks shall I throw this pic and Amaya sees Rishi’s pic. Bua throws Rishi’s pic and they all smile. The glass hurts Amaya’s foot and she cries seeing the pic frame broken. Rachita cries. Sneha gives Rudra the money to give in hospital for Gajanand’s treatment.

Rachita says she will bring Amaya, no matter if Sneha gets angry. She comes out and asks Amaya to come. Amaya says but mom.. Rachita sees her hurt and takes her. Bua says this plan flopped. Sumitra says I have many plans. Rachita asks Jaz to get first aid box. Amaya thinks if she drinks water here. The pagphere rasam will be completed. Rachita says I know you still love us, tell us whats the secret you are hiding, I m fed up asking you, tell me.

Bua says will Sneha and Amaya unite. Sumitra says no, Amaya knows what I will do. Nani says find out whats going on there. Bua says we will hear it by the walls. Amaya says I knew you all will come in my words, I did this as you all flow in emotions. Pushpa says you used your dead father to do pagphere rasam. Amaya says I will do anything to keep my marriage, this pagphere rasam was necessary so I did this, now its complete, I will go now.

Nani says this girl is very clever. Sumitra says she is not clever than me. Sneha scolds Amaya for falling so low. She says I will kick you out from here. She kicks Amaya out. Amaya says I will not break, I will become more strong. Bua stops Amaya at the door. Amaya says I have completed the rasam by drinking water at Maayka. Bua says fine, but you come back to inlaws with your husband, when Rama comes to take you, then you can come, else… its ritual, else you won’t be stay here and there.

Amaya says what shall I do now. She sits outside her home. Its night, Amaya calls Rama from PCO and says he is not taking my call. Rama drinks being with Mantu. Mantu says I know you are worried, what will happen if you drink, you don’t drink, I got wine as you insisted. Rama says I had to marry Rachita, Amaya ruined everything. Rama gets Amaya’s call. She asks where is he, he was going to pick her from her Maayka. Rama scolds her and ends call. Rama tells Mantu that this marriage started by cheat, you are my friend, tell me what shall I do.

Mantu says do your duty, fulfill the rasam. Rama says fine, you come along. He takes Mantu with him. Amaya cries and waits for Rama. She says when will you come Rama, I am waiting since long. Sumitra and Bua talk while having food. Rama comes home drunk. Amaya says you are drunk Rama. Mantu holds Rama. Rama says my friend, my brother Mantu. Amaya says I will manage Rama and asks Mantu to go. Mantu says I have just come for Rama, no other reason. Amaya knocks the door.

Sumitra opens the door and sees Rama. She asks what happened to Rama and cries. Nani asks what happened to Rama. Bua says he is drunk. Sumitra says its all because of this girl. Amaya and Mantu take Rama to room and make him lie on the bed. Amaya asks Mantu to go, and thanks him for bringing her husband home, now she can take care of him. Mantu leaves. Amaya shuts the door and cries. Mantu thinks he can’t understand, what happened that emotional and mature Amaya changed so much. Amaya feels sorry for Mantu, as she has hurt him a lot by her words, she knows he will forgive her one day for all this.

Amaya argues with Sumitra and says she will arrange food for herself. She goes out and is about to eat. Rudra tells her about family fasting for Gajanand’s recovery.

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