Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 11th September 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, anita asks what is it why are u silent happu singh, anita gets a call and says u all come to party for sure i have to attend this call and leaves, happu singh says i think bhabhiji is lost it due to the news of vibhuti dying, malkha says i think this rich people celebrate deaths its good we aren’t rich, anita comes out and says u two stop talking and start with the arrangements saxnea comes and anita ask where have u arranged the bhati and he says in my house and anita then asks the dj to play songs an dhe plays and everyone anita,saxena,tika and malkhan start dancing listening to music anguri and tiwari comes out and are shocked to see and tiwari shouts and asks to stop this music and anita asks him wats wrong y did u asked to stop this and tiwari says tat u r such a heartless woman how can u party at such crucial time and anita says wat crucial is it and tiwari says tat ur husband is dieing and u r partying and she asks wat happened to vibhuti and she calls vibhuti out he comes out and asks oh so all r ready in a party mood and anita asks him wat is tiwari saying tat u r just a guest of few days and he says its nothing like tat and anguri then says to vibhuti tat but u told me u r not well and r gonna die soon and vibhuti says tat yes i said because once i saw a person suffering from such pain and laughed and he said tat u wont understand unless u feel it and so i was trying to feel and anita said to vibhuti wat u do this vibhuti and anguri says tat but y were u doing this party and anita says tat my uncle is coming from abroad and vibhuti says tat oh the uncle who helped us get married and she says yes and gets a call from uncle and talks to him telling tat she has made big arrangements for him and he tells her on the phone tat he cannot come and anita gets upset and hungs up and then says tat its all waste i made so arrangements and he is not coming and vibhuti says tat so wat lets party and they asks the dj to play music and everyone dance on the tune
Next day morning anguri is singing songs and vibhuti comes ther and says how r u anguri bhabhi and she says very fine and sings the same song she was singing and person around says who is singing this song so badly and anguri laughs and asks vibhuti tat so did u get any job and he says tat i have given application at one place i will soon get a job and she asks which company is this and he tells tat the companies name is masoom industries and she asks wat post u r going to get and he says ishqiya and she asks wat post is this and he tells tat there is a person at this post whose name startsat t and ends at i and says tat soon i will go on this post and she then says tat i will pray to god for ur this post and leaves and vibhuti says tat if u pray i will soon get this post
Tiwari comes to meet anita with sweets and he then calls her and says tat he has brought jalebi foe her and she says tat so nice and says tat if we eat it with milk it will be more tasty and she goes in to bring milk while tiwari waits to see her eat the jalebi with milk and til then comes vibhuti and asks tiwari wat is he doing here and says tat anita wont eat this sweets and asks to show him the bag and after taking it in hand he throws it outside the road and asks tiwari to leave while tiwari says tat u cant insult me like this and leaves while anita comes with milk and asks where is tiwari and he tells he left and asks anita wats wrong with u and says u fell ill wen u eat this street food u suffered from malaria and she says ok but wat will happen if i eat once and says next time if i bring it i will not let u eat one also and gets upset and leave and vibhuti says i m sorry
Tiwari goes home angry and anguri is seeing movie and asks wat happen y r u so angry and he tells tat vibhuti is insulting me he himself is so bad nd anguri says tat ok leave see this movie and he asks wat movie is this and she says tat its sit and gita movie and goes in and tiwari says good i got a new idea from this nd i will show vibhuti his place now
Next day vibhuti comes to tea stall and pays pela all his dues and then asks the tea man to give him tea and then tika asks vibhuti how did u get so much money and he says tat he sold a policy so he got 10% commission and then tika says tat then give us part and vibhuti say sok and slaps them and asks them to be quiet and then comes tiwari he removes a knife nd threatens him to give all the money and vibhuti laughs at it and says stop this joke im not going to get scared of u Tiwari calls malkhan and he cuts hhis finger with knife while malkhan says tat its real and lets run and then vibhuti gets scared and then he says tat u r being rude to your neighbour and gives him wallet filled up with money tiwari again threatens him to slap himself and vibhuti says ok and starts slapping himself asking ok and tiwari laughs and says slap hardly and vibhuti slaps himself hardly

Vibhuti tells tat u took money from me as well and tiwari says tat oh it means tat he came back my twin brother and later vibhuti asks anita to tell his mother on phone tat he is sleeping and tiwari comes in the room and shows the knife and threatens him..

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