Swaragini 14th September 2015 Written Episode

Laksh asks Ragini, what you are saying? Ragini says I said truth. I betrayed Swara. Laksh asks her to shut up. Sanskar tells she is not in her senses and gives water to Laksh. Laksh splashes water on her face, bringing her out of trance. Ragini asks why everyone is looking at me. She recalls Swara’s words and asks what happened here. Laksh asks did you know what you said. Ragini asks what did I say? Sujata signs her. Laksh tells you told that you tried to kill Swara and then acted to do suicide to marry me. Ragini says Swara made me do this. She made me have that medicine. Swara asks when did I make you have the tablet. Ragini asks her not to lie and tells you have mixed medicine in my food and water. Swara asks which medicine. Ragini says I am talking about the medicine because of which people loses consciousness and do as the other says. Swara says how do you know? Ragini says because I….she then realizes and says I read somewhere. Swara thanks her and plays the recording in which confessed to have taken drugs and refused to marry. She tells someone might have given her medicine, and she did everything under its influence because of someone’s instructions.

Annapurna asks why anyone would do it with you. Swara says may be I have some enemy. She accepts to have added the medicine in Ragini’s food and water. Sujata thinks Swara is more clever than her thinking. Parineeta asks don’t you feel ashamed to do this with your own sister. Swara says I don’t have any option. She says I want to show my perception. I don’t know how I reached hotel and what happened to sangeet day. I didn’t leave from my marriage, as I don’t want to marry, but someone kept me away from my marriage. This video is fake and I want to make this message reach you. She apologizes and walks off. Laksh looks on emotional. Sanskar follows Swara. Ragini acts and pretends to fall down. Laksh holds and takes her inside.

Sanskar says why we didn’t do this before. Swara says this is our last option. Sanskar says you are caring for Ragini as if she is your sister. Swara says she is her sister. She says she told truth as Ragini would have acted and convinced everyone that she is a liar. She says good thing is that I have sowed seed in everyone’s mind. Sanskar says you should have continued and tells Laksh was emotional. Swara says Laksh would have waited for her, but he didn’t wait for her to come. She says she will bring Ragini’s truth so that her parents united. Sanskar says lets drink tea for our win. Laksh makes Ragini sit in his room and says he will bring water. Ragini says she is fine. Laksh thinks about Swara’s words. He says if Swara is right? He says Swara had a doubt that someone want to stopped their marriage. She used to forget the things and claim that she forgot. He looks at the video. Sanskar is washing the utensils. Ragini takes Laksh to sees them, and tells I don’t know if Swara is right or wrong. She says if anything wrong would have happen with her, she would not have been happy like this, and would he upset like me.

Annapurna says Swara might be right. Sujata says why Swara didn’t tell anything when she returned home. She says Swara is playing game and might be sleeping now. Laksh says you are saying right Ragini. Ragini asks do you believe me? Laksh says we all trust you and asks her to rest. Sumi tells Annapurna that she washed the clothes and kept for drying. Dadi asks her to have food. Sumi says she will eat. She is about to take the first bite when Dadi sends her to bring water. Sumi brings water, but Dadi throws the glass. Sumi brings it again. Dadi says you are very stubborn. Sumi says I will pass all your test. Dadi gets Ragini’s call. Ragini tells Swara played a bad game with me and have crossed all the limits today. Dadi is shocked. Ragini says it is good that family members trust me. Dadi says you didn’t do this, then why you are worrying. Dadi asks her to give that medicine to her and says lets see what your Dadi can do. She eyes Sumi as if she will give medicine to her.

Laksh tells that no one understands him. Ragini walks out of room, asking Laksh to bring her back when he forget Swara completely. Laksh asks Sanskar to fill Swara’s maang with sindoor for everyone satisfaction, proving their marriage.


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