Mere Angne Mein 15th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shivam seeing an old home model and crying. He says he will make this dream come true one day for sure. He will end all troubles for his mum and sisters. Rani and Prabha have a talk at Sarla’s home. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Shanti can die, they can see this drama too. Shanti asks Sonal to start teaching Nimmi from tomorrow, else she will fail, she has to pass, its imp. Rani praises Sarla to send off Prabha soon. Shanti asks Nimmi to learn cooking, else her husband will leave her, atleast he can keep her if she is free maid. Nimmi says yes, you are right, not everyone is lucky as Sarla.

Shanti asks what did you say and goes to raise hand. Kaushalya says let it be, there was enough drama. Shanti asks you mean I do drama here. Shanti does drama again. Sarla says she will leave you. Pari says she has to go to parlor now. Riya calls Shivam and is annoyed as he did not call her. He asks her to listen. She scolds him. He gets angry and scolds her, as he has told his family is different, she can’t adjust here, he does not have phone, its not possible to call her. She cries and says its my mistake, don’t call me, don’t come to take me, I did mistake to marry you. She ends call.

He calls her again and she does not take call. Amit goes to use cards agains and argues with some men. Shanti calls pandit and asks him to come, she has to do marriage of her two grand daughters, and any guy would be fine. He asks why, is girls not educated. Shanti says no, they are educated, but just get proposals without dowry demands. Nimmi and Preeti hear this and cry. Shanti regrets that she did not take dowry for Amit and Shivam. She says we won’t give dowry. The pandit says then you will get married guys. Nimmi cries. Shanti says then just be sure that the man does not have children. Kashalya looks on silently. Nimmi and Preeti cry. Kaushalya pacifies Nimmi.

Sarla comes there and looks at them. Kaushalya asks Preeti and Nimmi to work with her and teaches them cooking. The girls tensely work being scared of Shanti. Sarla filling Shanti’s ears and says Kaushalya will not let Raghav give her Chandra haar and cries. She asks Shanti to stop Kaushalya. Riya gets angry as Shivam scolded her. Raghav realizes his mistake for scolding Kaushalya and Shivam. Sarla asks Shanti to see how Kaushalya went to talk to Raghav.

She says Shanti will go and this swing will go to Kaushalya. Shanti calls out Kaushalya and stops her from going to Raghav. Kaushalya says what to do, I will come, I m going to give juice to Raghav. Shanti says first come to me, listen. Shanti taunts Kaushalya and says I have bear all your tortures till now. Kaushalya apologizes. Shanti asks why is she lying again, I have done all the household work. Shanti scolds her and Sarla smiles. Shanti says the day Shivam supports Riya instead Kaushalya, I will die and acts sweet to her.

Kaushalya says she will scold Riya if she does any mistake. Shanti says Shivam will support you, when if Riya goes to Shivam to talk to him, will you like it. Kaushalya nods no. Shanti asks then when are you going to Raghav with juice glass, he is angry, why are you going to convince him, if Riya learns this from you, what would you feel. Kaushalya agrees. Sarla thinks Shanti is really great. Shanti asks Nimmi and Preeti to come and learn this tips. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to give juice to Raghav and also sends snacks. Sarla asks Shanti how will you stop Kaushalya always. Shanti says I have stopped her since 25 years, you don’t worry.

Raghav says Kaushalya is still angry on me, she did not come. Nimmi comes to him and he thinks its Kaushalya, and asks her to go. Nimmi says mum has sent this snacks and juice. He asks her to take it back. Nimmi comes to Kaushalya and says Raghav did not take this, he refused, he was expecting you to come. Preeti asks Kaushalya to meet Raghav once.

Kaushalya tells Raghav that Pradeep gave her money, and he did not do anything wrong, don’t you give money to Sarla. Sarla and Shanti look on.

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