Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th September 2015 Written Episode

Aaliya is making some sketches but she throws them way on after another and then Dhruv comes and aaliya asks if everything is okay. Harshad goes into the office and searches for Madhiam Singhani and after he finds his files he deletes all of his records and when he goes out and bums into Nandhani . she asks what he was doing but he gets angry and asks her to back away and that what he is doing will benefit her a lot.
Aaliya asks Dhruv as to why he came and that he had something to discuss but he says that he does not who to discuss anything with. First the band of brothers got destroyed and now Fab 5 also got finished and everyone including her has moved on but he does not understand what to do. Aaliya advices him that he also has a talent and can dance but Dhruv says that he did not expect this from her. He hugs her and leaves.
Harshad comes and Aaliya sees the files of Madhiam but Harshad does not talk to her and leaves.
Mukti is hanging the clothes and th boy comes to the window and Mukti plans and an evil act. The door bell rings and the secretory comes and says that she is the reason her son is going out of hands and they have to mend their ways. Mukti says that she has to teach her son first and when she leaves Naviya says that they will get into trouble but she calms her.
Aryaman gives nandhani a pack of chocolates and they both go to Vishab where Madhiam comes and both Aryaman and Him get into a heated argument and Nandhani asks aryaman to leave the place.
Madhiam’s guys appericate his guitar. He finds out that his name is not on the list and he gets angry with Aryaman who taunts him. Madhiam says that if they are involved in this they will pay.
All of them are partying and the seceratorys son comes to request to lower the voice but hey make him take off his shirt and make his video. They threaten that if they do not stop teasing them then they will post it on the internet.
Nandhani comes and they greet her but she does not says anything and when she finds about Maddy’s files she goes with Aaliya to give it to him but they say that he is their enemy and she does not listen even when everyone says.
Aaliya and Nandhani give the files back to him but at first he says something abusive and they bioth get angry and after giving the file leave.
Madhiam goes to Nyonika where Harshad is also present and he threathens thm both and says that if they lose his files again he will do something bad.
Nandhani and ryama are walking and hey meet Madhiam who teases them but aryaman gets angry on this and they both have a faceoff.

Precap: Nandhani and Aryaman are waking and he says that is she prepared and she says that she will do something to bring back the fab5.

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