Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya showing Himanshu’s pics to Manjari. Sandhya acting sweet and trying to make Manjari eat poison. Sandhya gets the poison from the photos backside and tries feeding Manjari. Manjari wishes anyone stops Sandhya. A man comes there and stops them. He says something happened to Chote Raja, he is getting blood vomits. The commander gets shocked and worried for his son. Narayani asks the men to take Manjari. Sandhya’s plan fails and she looks on.

Bhabho thinks will Lalima’s hardwork succeed. Sooraj says he did not get sleep. They all ask why, was there any problem. Sooraj says he has seen something at night, which has made him restless, it was like a dream or something. Lalima looks on. Sooraj says he has seen Sandhya in the dream. Bhabho asks what did Sandhya say. Vikram asks Sooraj to say. Bhabho signs Lalima. Lalima asks what did he see in dream.

Sooraj says he has seen Sandhya, don’t know what did Sandhya mean, I did not understand. Babasa says its fine. Meenakshi laughs saying Lalima went as bride without marriage, and all her efforts got waste. Sajni cries and asks Narayani to save Chote Raja. Narayani asks her to calm down and asks Sagarika to take her out. Sandhya takes Sajni outside. Narayani checks the boy.

Sooraj asks Lalima why did she not apply Chandan tika to him today. Meenakshi thinks it means Lalima’s attempt failed, now what will she do in 2 days. Lalima says she will make Chandan powder. Meenakshi taunts Lalima and says Sooraj can go to mental hospital. Lalima says I m sure he will get fine, my trust did not break. Meenakshi asks her to stop giving herself false hope, what will happen after 2 days. Lalima says this is called true devotion, it gets Lord on earth. Bhabho looks on.

Lalima asks Bhabho to tell her about Sandhya’s death in detail, how did she die. Sandhya pacifies Sajni. Sajni says he has gone in that jungle and this happened. Sandhya asks what. Sajni says that deep jungle, whenever he came from there, he used to have stomach or back ache, I used to give him herbs and he got fine, today he is doing blood vomits, don’t know what happened, I told him its just souls there, what will happen now. Sandhya recalls the boy and the green stones. She thinks the foreigner disappeared there, how did the boy fall ill, there is some connection between this.

Lalima and Bhabho come to meet Zakir. Lalima greets Zakir and Bhabho comes ahead. Zakir gets shocked seeing Bhabho. Zakir asks whats the matter Bhabho, do you have any work. Lalima asks for his help to make Sooraj fine, and tells about Sooraj’s mental state instability since Sandhya died. Zakir asks what. Lalima tells him everything. Bhabho cries. Zakir says I could not understand that time, now I understand why Bhabho started hating Sandhya, trust me what Sandhya did was for country. Bhabho stops him, and says it will be good if you help us and Sooraj. Zakir asks her to say what he has to do.

Zakir comes in Hanuman Gali with Bhabho and Lalima. He says his duty does not permit him to do this, but he will do this for his friendship towards Sandhya and Sooraj. Lalima asks Zakir to come and thanks him. Sajni cries for her son. Narayani says she has given the herbs, herbs will affect slowly, for the poison to end its effect. Sajni says save my son. Narayani asks them to go to temple and pray. The commander says he will go to temple and pray for his son. Sandhya says I trust Lord and Narayani’s treatment, but its about boy’s life, we can show him in city hospital, Narayani can go along. Sajni says yes, we will go to city, Sagarika is right.

The commander refuses and says no city hospital will treat my son, govt. gives us wounds, not cure, I trust Narayani. Sandhya says but.. He says I said it, my son won’t go to city. Sandhya cries seeing the boy, and sees Ved in him. She imagines Ved asking her to save him, and sees the boy’s state. Meenakshi says its just 2 days to save Sooraj, I m tensed, what will Lalima do. She asks Mohit where did Emily go, Zakir has come and she did not get tea. Mohit asks Meenakshi to make tea, he has sent Emily out for some work. Meenakshi says sent already…. Bhabho, Lalima and Zakir come home. Lalima goes to call Sooraj.

Meenakshi asks Zakir what will he take.. Chavi or Em…… I mean tea, coffee or juice. Bhabho gives a stare to Meenakshi. She asks Zakir to come. She takes him along. Meenakshi laughs. Sandhya prays for the boy and cries.

Sandhya hides the boy in the cart and takes him. A man stops her and she gets tensed. The man says you steal cleanly well.

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