Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Snake is going towards Ashok, Ashok is in tub, taking bath Snakt tries to bite him but Ashok moves from there, Ashok is seeing perfumes in washroom and likes them, he says so many things are here for good bath but i like to take simple bath, Ashok takes one bottle and is about to open it but it falls in tub, Ashok goes in tub, Snake goes in too, Ashok comes out and is fine, he ask Soldiers to not turn till i dont say, he finds clothes there and takes it, he leaves from there, Soldiers turn and does find him, snake bites them, they fall.
Noor comes in jail, she gives money to soldier and says Bindu should not know about it, he says we are Khurasan’s loyal, he gives keys to Noor and leave, noor opens cell and goes in Khurasan’s cell, she sees his one eye being destroyed, she is pained, she sit in his feet and says Dharma and Ashok have to bear pain for giving you pain, that Dharma have snatched place of being Bindu’s 2nd wife but know people will remember me as Khurasan’s daughter, i will take revenge from that Dharma and Ashok.
Dharma thanks Charu for sending her dasies to her, Charu says you could have accepted my dasies but it seems like you dont trust me, Dharma says nothing like that, i like to do my things, Bindu comes and says queen Dharma feels good to do her work with her hands, i am sure she said no to your dasies because of this only, Helena says right but she is now queen, Ashok and Dharma should accept royalty, i know her life was very hard so i want them to enjoy royal life now, they should enjoy luxury here, Subhrasi ask where is Noor? Siamak comes and says she is ill so she is resting, Dharma says i will go and check her, Helena says no she must be resting, if needed then i will go to her, Bindu says she is right, if Noor needs then Helena will go to her, Ashok enters room and is royally dressed, Bindu and Dharma smiles seeing him, he has sporting royal jewelry, he says i know i am not looking fine in these clothes, i feel like i am caught in these clothes, i will change them, Bindu says no these clothes are looking great on you, he hugs Ashok, Drupat says me too, Drupat and Siamak hugs him too, all smile, Bindu says when i hug my three sons together then i feel so much peace, Sushim comes and says you are forgetting that you have 4 sons, Bindu says i didnt mean that, Sushim says i know your love will be divided more now so i am trying to cope up with that only, Helena says we should start lunch, they sit to eat, cook is tasting food first, Ashok ask why you are tasting every dish? Chanakya says poison can be mixed in food so they are tasting it before royal family eat it for your security, Ashok says why they should put their ife in danger for me? its very diffcult to live prince’s life, we cant even wear clothes of our own choice, Siamak says you will get used to all this, Ashok says but i am not comfortable, he ask Bindu can i wear my old clothes? Chanakya says till your inner heart is not accepting all this then how you will accept it in life? you have to get comfortable with all this, you have to soft towards all this and you dont have any other choice, Ashok looks at Dharma who nods to him to acccept it, he smiles.

Scene 2
Noor says to Khurasan that Dharma will try to spend more time with Bindu, also Bindu will give more importance to Ashok, Khurasan says these things was present earlier too, Noor says but you were with me but now i am feeling so alone, i am getting weak, Khurasan says you are strong, you need to focus, do one thing, start chaos in city, make it look like that Bindu cant survive without Khurasani assistance, everything should be chaotic then you will kill Ashok, Sushim and Drupat, only Siamak will remain to be Samrat, Noor says how will i do all this alone? Khurasan says no you are not alone, someone is there to help, its Khurasan, Dastan, Noor says no, whatever happened earlier, he will not help me after that, Khurasan says the girl who kept affair secret from his father, from his husband and truth of her son then anything is possible for her.
Chanakya says to Radha that Noor is not seen anywhere, we have to know about her wherabouts, also Helena have given Justin’s room to Ashok, dont know what she is upto, he finds Ashok’s room open and says Ashok said he went from him room silently without telling soldiers so why his room is open? they go in and finds soldiers dead there, Chanakya says to Radha that enemies have started their attacks on Ashok, Ashok is lucky that he is safe this time, they have failed this time so they will try again, Radha says i will inform Bindu, Chanakya says no, Ashok will know about it then he can be afraid and enemy can take advantage of it, he finds snake’s bite on soldier’s feet and says their aim was to kill and we will use this against them.

PRECAP- The mysterious girl mixes poison in Ashok’s dish, she says he wont even have time to ask water before dying, she gives poison mixed bowl to Ashok, Ashok says to dharma that its been many days since you have make me eat with your hands, feed me today, Dharma takes bowl from him and is about to feed him.

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