Swaragini 15th September 2015 Written Episode

Swara lights the stove. Ragini comes there. Swara asks her to come in without seeing her. Ragini looks for Sanskar. Swara says Sanskar went out. Ragini asks why did you do this? Swara says I have proved what I wanted. Ragini says you have failed as Laksh trust me even now. Swara says as I have promised that I won’t let you fall. Ragini says how can you do this with me, I am your sister. Swara asks when you pushed me in water, made my video, that time if I was not your sister. She asks her to tell the truth infront of all. Ragini says she can’t and will not let her expose her. She says I will make you away from this house. Swara says I have won half battle and you accepted truth with your own mouth. Ragini says I was not in my senses then. Swara promises to make her confess truth everything soon without influence of any medicine.

Ragini comes to Sujata and says Swara have to go from here. She asks for her help. Sujata says sure. Ragini opens the window and looks out. Sujata says everything will be splashed. Ragini says truth has to come out today. Sanskar tells Swara that they can get food from outside and says we are living in tent because of helplessness and not because we don’t have money. Swara says she is doing with her choice and is trying to light the stove. Sanskar asks where is the gas cylinder. Swara laughs and tells that gas cylinder is not compatible to it. He tries to light the stove. They share a light moment and laugh. Sanskar says I didn’t have this much masti amidst the problems. Swara asks if I am problem? Sanskar says you are masti. Sujata comes and says I am your mum. She asks him to come out.

Sujata brings food for Sanskar and asks why you are getting enmity with Ragini. Sanskar says we are getting successful slowly. Sujata says if Swara tries to do anything to you, then…….Sanskar asks her not to get tensed. Sujata says she was acting yesterday. Sanskar asks why did you do this. She asks him to give water. While he goes to bring water, Sujata cuts the tent’s rope with scissor and calls Ragini. Ragini asks her to leave some knots so that it falls in the night. Sanskar gives her water. Sujata thinks she is doing this for his betterment.

Adarsh talks to his girl friend. Parineeta comes. Adarsh lies that he was talking to client. Parineeta says she is upset because of Swara. She says Swara is behind us now. Adarsh makes her sit and says we will not be affected with her lie as we know the truth. Parineeta cries resting her head on his shoulder. Swara and Sanskar think about Ragini’s next conspiracy. Swara says Ragini is complicating things, and they have to end it to make everything right.

Ragini looks out at the tent and comes to Laksh, but he is asleep. She opens the door making noise to wake him up and then leaves. Laksh calls and follows her. Ragini pretends and says you have woken up. Laksh asks where you are going? Ragini says she is going out for a walk. She says married people should not feel alone, but our matter is different. Laksh asks her to stop and says he will also accompany her. Ragini gets happy as her plan is awaiting. She thanks him. Laksh asks why you are tensed? Ragini says she is restless thinking about today’s incident. Laksh asks her to relax and says everyone trust you. Ragini says she is afraid of Swara’s conspiracy and drama. She hugs him and looks at the tent rope to open. Laksh asks her to relax. Ragini says she can’t see family in pain. Laksh says we can just hope that she stop lying. Ragini says Sanskar is with her and he is son of this house. She says I am sure that their marriage motive is not right. We got married with all the rituals being helpless, but they got married with their choice. Laksh asks her to come. Tent flies away. Laksh and Ragini see Swara and Sanskar sleeping separately. Ragini acts and says they are sleeping alone. Laksh says their relation is fake. Ragini says our relation is also like this. Laksh is shocked.

Ragini says they got married with their wish, then why do they sleep apart. She says Swara is trying to snatch him from her, through the help of Sanskar. She says even Sanskar want to take revenge for Kavita’s death. Laksh says you said right and goes to their tent. Ragini acts and asks what you are doing. Laksh throws water on Sanskar and wakes him up. Swara also wakes up. Sanskar asks what is this bad behavior? Laksh says I don’t want to hear your nonsense and asks him to leave in the morning else I will inform everyone about your fake marriage.

Laksh tells Ragini that he still loves Swara and couldn’t forget her. Ragini asks him to bring her back when he forgets Swara completely. Laksh asks Sanskar to do one ritual to prove their marriage and asks him to fill Swara’s maang. Sanskar picks the sindoor bottle and looks at her.. .

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