Tere Sheher Mein 15th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rama asking Amaya is she fine. She says yes, and thinks to send Rama, as she can’t tell him she is going to meet Gajanand. She asks him to stop bike and scolds him for driving bike well. Rama argues being annoyed and leaves. Amaya meets Gajanand. The nurse asks is she his granddaughter. Amaya says yes. The nurse says he just slept. Amaya takes permission to keep the idol and prays that Gajanand recovers soon. She keep the idol there and leaves. She stops seeing Sneha coming and hides.

Sneha sees the Mahadev idol and saks who has kept it here. Amaya folds hands and signs the nurse. The nurse says many people come to meet Gajanand. Sneha blesses the one who kept idol here and goes to meet doctor.

Bua asks Amma to have samosas, and asks Sumitra whats the time, why did Amaya not come till now, call her and ask. Amaya comes out and her slipper breaks. She tries taking auto. Sumitra calls her and asks where is she, its time for Kangana to come. She asks her to come in 5mins. Kangana and Amaya stop the same auto. Kangana sees Amaya not walking well. The driver says that madam called me first. Kangana asks him to take Amaya first, as she is in problem. She sees Amaya sitting well and scolds her, for being clever and fooling her. Amaya says you are mistaken, my slipper… and gets call. She says think anything, I don’t have time for lecture.

Kangana says even I have someone handicapped in my family and know the pain. Amaya says let me go, and argues. She pushes Kangana and leaves. Kangana says she is very ill mannered, I will see her if she meets again. Amaya comes home. Sumitra asks where was she. Amaya says I went to market and bought flowers. Sumitra asks her to arrange flowers in Kangana’s room and thinks why did Kangana not come till now, if Kangana bonds with Amaya, it will be a new problem.

Kangana comes home and Sumitra hugs her. Sumitra asks why is she upset. Kangana says she met an ill mannered girl, she was acting as if she is handicapped. Amaya comes and says she has put flowers in Kangana’s room and gets shocked seeing Kangana. She thinks this is Kangana. Kangana says this is the girl who did acting and took the auto, outside the hospital. They scold Amaya for lying. Amaya says wait, listen to me.

Amaya says yes, I met her and took auto, I did not lie, my slipper broke, you asked me to come home in 5 mins, I went to meet Nana ji, don’t I have right to see him in his unwell state, what bad did I do. Bua argues. Nani scolds Amaya and raises hand. Kangana stops her Nani and says maybe Amaya is saying true, who is she. Sumitra says that’s Rama’s wife Amaya. Kangana says lets end this fight here, I m very tired after long journey, show me my room. Sumitra asks her to come. She asks Amaya to send tea and snacks. Amaya nods and cries.

Kangana likes the room and hugs Sumitra. Bua says Amaya made your mood off. Kangana says its fine, she did not know me. She hugs Sumitra. She says I will show what I had from haridwar. Sumitra says she has always regarded her as her own daughter. Mohini says we missed you in Rama’s marriage. Kangana says yes, I wanted to come, he would be annoyed, I will make his fav food.

She shows the shawl she designed for Sumitra. Bua asks her to rest, she will get snacks for her. Bua, Mohini and Nani leave. Kaushalya asks Rachita is she going out. Rachita says yes, I m going to market, do you want anything. Kaushalya says no, and asks her not to go, as people still have her marriage matter fresh in talks. Rachita does not care and goes.

The ladies gossip about Rachita and say how her younger sister cheated her and ruined family name. Nani says Rachita is fool, we will teach her a lesson. Nani says Amaya snatched her husband as well her food. Bua passes taunts. Rachita gets sad. Bua says no one will marry her now. Sneha comes and asks how dare they taunt Rachita. Nani says who will marry her, its true. Sneha says I will find a better guy for Rachita and make her get married in a rich home, tell Amaya that she will choose a guy who accepts Rachita by love, this is my promise. Rachita cries. Sneha asks Rachita to come. Nani says I m having headache.

Kangana shows the banarasi sarees she has designed. She gives her earnings and asks her to keep it. Sumitra gets touched. Kangana says you did my upbringing after my dad died, you loved me as a mum despite being far relative. Sumitra says so you are paying for mum’s love…. Kangana says no and hugs her, saying its proud feeling when a daughter gives her earnings to her mum. Sumitra says fine, I will keep this to use in your marriage. Kangana says I can’t see you worried, why are you all against Amaya. Sumitra says Amaya is a cheater and clever girl, Rama loved Rachita and I was making him marry Rachita. Amaya sat in mandap and married him, she had ghunghat and we knew after marriage completed, we and Rama are bearing her. Kangana says Amaya does not look cheater, I will know her slowly, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Sumitra thinks if Kangana knows Amaya is a nice girl, her heart should not melt, else my plan will fail.

Kangana says don’t know where Rama went. Sumitra asks Amaya to get Rama. Amaya goes to some cafe and sees Rama drunk.

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