Mere Angne Mein 16th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Preeti asking Kaushalya to meet Raghav. Shanti stops Kaushalya and asks here to make tomato chutney. Kaushalya says she got flour on her saree, she will go and change. Shanti says I can’t see any flour fallen on your saree. Kaushalya says I will see Shivam. Shanti asks what, is he crying in his room. Kaushalya says fine, I will not go. Shanti says you go, you are his mum, I also feel bad when my son gets sad, I will talk to my son, you don’t care about Raghav. Sarla laughs and says she feels Shivam got any big illness. Kaushalya asks why is she saying so. Sarla says I m saying about love.

She says Raghav scolds Shivam daily, what new happened, its just acting, Shivam is not like Amit, he is busy working always, not everyone is lucky. Kaushalya goes. Prabha tries seeing in Sarla’s home. Rani comes to Prabha and smiles. Prabha gets scared and asks whats this joke. Rani asks what happened, you also scared me. Rani takes the plates. Prabha argues and asks her to help her sisters, that’s why she helped her in marrying Amit. Rani says I love my sisters, they are like me, I will help them. Rani leaves. Prabha says Rani does magic on them.

Rani does not answer Shivam’s call. He gets angry and switches off the phone. Kaushalya comes and asks him to have food. He refuses. She asks what happened. He tells about Riya. Riya cries. Bunty and Sahil come to her and ask what happened. Riya says I hate Shivam. Anupam and Bua ask what did they fight in 2 days. Bua says maybe Shanti made Shivam against Riya. Riya says no, its Shivam’s mistake, I married a wrong person. Anupam says its just 2 days, you have to spend life with him. She refuses.

Kaushalya pacifies Shivam. He says what shall I do, Riya has to understand, and entire family should understand, I know no one is wrong, then who is wrong, what am I saying. She says I m also thinking the same. He cries. Suman asks Riya whats the matter. Riya says she called Shivam to know about family, he scolded me that he can’t talk to me infront of everyone, I will not go to him now.

Suman says its big family and its tough to talk infront of them. Kaushalya asks Shivam what happened. Shivam says I was angry and got Riya’s call, I scolded her. Kaushalya laughs. He asks why are you laughing. She explains him that life goes on and this small problems are part of life, you and Riya can’t live without each other. She asks him to convince Riya by love. Bua scolds Suman and argues with her. Suman says I m just pacifying Riya, you are just after me always. Riya asks them to stop. Anupam asks why are they fighting. Sahil says he will book their tickets. Suman says she will not leave Sahil and goes to beat him.

Suman and Bua argue. Riya says just stop it now. Suman says she knows why is Riya getting angry, you talk to Shivam. Bua asks does this suit you to say this. Riya says I understood Shivam was right, I will go to inlaws, you all don’t worry. Shivam hugs Kaushalya and says you always say right. He says when Raghav took Dadi’s side, I felt he is wrong, when he asked me about choosing between you and Riya, I understood, I assure you Riya and I will not make any problem, I will balance between you and Riya. Kaushalya happily cries and asks him to come to have food. He wipes her tears.

Ran wants to get something from Sarla’s room and asks the keymaker can he make the keys. Prabha asks what keys are she making, and asks her to say. Rani asks her not to interfere. Rani asks Prabha to go and asks keymaker to come. Prabha says she will just stand here and see. Riya waters the plants and recalls Shivam’s words. Bua comes and calls her. Riya turns and the water from pipe falls on Bua. Suman laughs. Bua puts water on Suman and laughs.

Bunty and Sahil ask Shivam to read Shivam’s message. Shivam apologizes to Riya. Riya smiles. Sarla cries and tells Shanti that Kaushalya has gone to meet Raghav, she made excuses to go upstairs, I m tensed. Shanti asks Sarla to come, they will go to Raghav’s room and see what Kaushalya is saying. Sarla and Shanti go there. Nimmi says we will also go. Preeti says no, Shanti and Sarla will insult us again. Nimmi says we will think something.

Pari works in parlor and gets Vyom’s call. She tells a fake story about her family problems and talks to Vyom as if she is taking to doctor. She spoils the lady’s eyebrow and the lady screams. Bua and Suman argue and everyone laugh. Bua asks Riya to do as she says yes, and now follow Suman’s advice. Kaushalya comes to the room and tries convincing Raghav. Shanti and Sarla come to see. Raghav asks Kaushalya to make the home environment better, as Riya has come and will learn this. Raghav asks did she drink the juice and got her mind cool by now.

Rani asks keymaker to make keys of the lock on Sarla’s room. Kaushalya apologizes to Raghav. He asks will she always apologize, let me work. Kaushalya cries. Raghav says learn to manage things. Kaushalya asks what did I do. He says you can’t manage my mum and sister, how will you manage bahu and son in laws, you know I don’t bear if anyone sees my mum. Shanti gets proud and shows off Sarla.

Raghav says don’t test me, I love you a lot Kaushalya. Shanti and Sarla get angry and look at Raghav. Raghav says but I love my mum too. Shanti gets relieved. Kaushalya asks Raghav to scold her. Raghav asks why did she take money from Renu, I m hurt by this, I fell in my eyes, you could have taken money from Amma. Kaushalya says you have always taken care. Raghav says Amma has big heart, she gave 5 lakhs to Anupam in 2 mins, you feel she would have kept your 20000rs.

Raghav asks Kaushalya to understand, he is feeling ashamed, what will her family think now, that I can’t take care of you. Kaushalya says Pradeep gave money with love, I could not refuse, I have forgot to give money to Shanti, Pradeep earns well and gave money by love, he did not do wrong, don’t you give money to Sarla. Raghav, Shanti and Sarla get shocked. Raghav asks will you count whom I give money. Kaushalya says don’t take opposite meaning, you know I have worked hard for this house. Raghav says what did I take wrong now, you should have refused for money.

He says he has savings, if he dies, then also… Kaushalya stops him saying so and cries. Raghav goes. Sarla asks Shanti to see, Kaushalya is doing magic on Raghav, he was getting in her love, and enacts to show. The keymaker says he will make key and bring it tomorrow. Rani thinks she can’t get jewelry today and asks the man to call her form downstairs. She says I can’t be guard now, Sarla is having fun, I m her bahu, I will not be here.

Rani calls Riya and talks to her. Rani asks Riya to come for shopping. Sahil says he will give her company. Bunty says I will go. Riya says don’t fight and sends Sahil. She reminds Bunty office work. Bunty says I will drop you. Nimmi tells Preeti that they will also go upstairs.

Raghav asks Kaushalya to stop justifying now. Nimi and Preeti come and see Shanti and Sarla trying to hear Raghav and Kaushalya. Shanti says we were finding you and calls Kaushalya. She asks her to give some food, you said you went to call Shivam. Kaushalya says yes, I was getting him. Shanti says I came to call Raghav, forget everything. She says she will give 20000rs to Renu and asks him to come. Shanti tells Raghav that Nimmi and Preeti got bad habit to hear other’s talk. Raghav looks at them. The girls get tensed.

Nimmi asks Kaushalya to go to Pradeep’s house. Shanti tells Nimmi that house will become peaceful after Nimmi’s marriage. Nimmi says I know well, whose leaving will make house peaceful. Shanti fumes.

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