Sasuraal Simar Ka 16th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
amar comes out with the pots. He places them in temple. Sunanda says let me go now. Mata ji says you will stay here until simar is back. Mata ji says take him amar and rope her with temple’s pillar. amar ropes her there.

Simar is running in the jungle. She feels like some is there. Simar turns back but no one is there.
Its mohini in front of her. she has the dagger in her hand. she says your game is over simar. She is about to stab simar.Someone stops her. Its jhumba. Jhumba takes the dagger from her. Jhumba says your powers are weak in mahakumb but not mine because I am a good witch. Mohini says simar not matter who comes to save you but i wont let you reach the secret. And this is my promise. Mohini leaves.
The witch takes hair off her face.
Simar says you were with mohini. you made her alive again. Why you saved me? you are a witch. Jhumba says i was made a witch forcefully. I am mohini’s sister.

Mata ji says now we will all pray together until simar is back from mahakumb. she will win. Sunanda says my daughter never loses she will win. And she will seek revenge from you people. Mata ji says you call yourself a mom? you made your daughter a witch. Sunanda says you dont know powers of a witch. Mata ji says taking someone’s life is power for you? It never returns your power. Have you seen Simar. I am proud of her. She is risking her life for her family today. I am sure she will win there.
Sunanda says who risks their lives for others are stupid and you will see simar’s stupidity soon. Mata ji says i can’t try to tell you what is right and what is wrong. They can’t see anything. Mata ji says sunanada no matter how many evil powers your mohini has but she can’t harm simar. Because simar is there for a good reason. She will win for sure.

Jhumba says you have so many questions. I went to my in laws after wedding. Mohini came there and trapped my husband. She took him with her and married him. She took his life and became a witch. I lost everything so i played this game with her. I made her believe that I am her sister and i pardoned her. She taught me magic but didn’t make me witch completely. She is really clever. Mohini says jhumba and simar will see my real powers. My powers will double now.
Jhumba says i always wanted to avenge mohini. when i got to know about you i vowed that i wont let her kill your husband. I sent my cat and she showed you the way of mahakumb. Here is a secret that can kill witches. Mohini comes and throttles Jhumba with her tail. Mohini says so jhumba you wanted to tell her this way? Tell me simar what that sadhu said or i will kill her. Simar says she is your sister. Leave her. Mohini says she is a traitor. Tell me or i will kill her. Jhumba says don’t tell her anything. Mohini says i killed her husband i can kill her as well. if you tell me that secret i can leave her. Simar says i am telling you. Jhumba says no simar don’t tell her. Simar says sadhu said there is a dagger in mahakumb that kills witches. She tells mohini everything. Simar says now leave her. Mohini release jhumba. Mohini says you can’t reach that secret simar.
Jhumba grasps mohini’s tail and says simar run. simar starts running. Mohini kills jhumba.

Simar says where to go from here? please show me a way God. Simar sees the locket. she sees something in grass. Its the name plate of the cathedral.

Precap-Mata ji does the pooja. simar reaches the cathedral. Mohini chases her. Simar says i have to find that dagger. . .

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