Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th September 2015 Written Episode

Nandini gets ready asking Ambs what has happened? Ambs talked on phone and was worried, she wished Nandini best of luck. Nandini says she will get late, so she must talk to her again.
Harshid shouts at Aaliya that she deliberately stole those files so that he loses the election. He angrily throws things of floor and says she always do so deliberately, Fab5 is already dead and he Harshid is only with her. Dhruv comes there and says Harshid is right, he has always been Aaliya and not Harshid. Harshid claps, takes Dhruv’s shoulder and says he doesn’t mingle in his family matters. He tells Aaliya she must come back because no one can stay with such a great loser. Harshid leaves, Aaliya apologizes and thanks him for being there. Dhruv says friends are there to help, no need for thanku and sorry. He wishes he could say this thanks and sorry. He says he came here to say something to her, he had thought he will do something about dance and has finally decided he must take interest in dance. Aaliya is happy to hear this.
In the college, Nandini was walking down the stairs. There is an announcement about a music competition at 9 am. Nandini cheers.
Neonika comes to Harshid and says this is a talent show, student’s credibility has to be kept in mind. Harshid tells her to relax this time no one will beat him in elections.
Navya was busy with her baby, she watched the clock restlessly. Mukti comes home, Navya asks Mukti to take care of the baby as she has to go to office and he is having fever. Mukti says he teases so much when he is fine, what he will do when he is ill. Navya says if she leaves office today, she will have to lose her job. Mukti agrees, Navya hugs her and Avi and leave.
Aryaman and Nandini were together. Ariyaman says to Nandini seems happy together. Nandini says there are two reasons, one is the election but other is the get together of fab5. In today’s competition, there is a chance fab5 performs together. She calls fab5.
Aaliya and Dhruv were together at Aaliya’a place. Dhruv asks Aaliya to help him, he likes her dance moves. There will be competition and jealousy as well, he will get to improve as well. Aaliya smiles and says she didn’t know he likes her dance moves, thanks. Dhruv stands up and asks for Aaliya’s hand. Aaliya gives her hand to him, both shares an eye lock. Dhruv switches the music on, brings her to centre and both come close to each other.
Both Aryaman and Nandini are frustrated why Aaliya and Dhruv aren’t picking calls. Mukti was busy with baby, he stops crying at once. She gets alert and wakes him up. Mukti’s phone rang in this while. Soon, the baby starts crying again.
Nandini was frustrated that no one was picking up the call. Aryaman tells her to relax, it is just a coincidence. There is an announcement about the beginning of the competition.
Navya was doing the show, she spoke a lot. The director knocks at the door, asks how much will she speak. She asks Navya to play a song. Navya takes a break from recording, picks her phone up and reads the message. She heads to leave; the director stops he and says it isn’t her shut time. Navya tells him it is an emergency; her child is ill and leaves.
Mukti called the doctor saying he is really ill.
Nandini sat disappointed that she had thought too much about the competition and fab5. The competition had begun. Aryaman says to Nandini that he knows these guys, they play really well and he made them meet Harshid, so this time Harshid is really prepared. Harshid comes to stage and with cheers he begins the performance.
Aryaman says to Nandini that if no one comes here, he will help her. She must play veena and he will support her with tablae. Nandini says it is nothing like that, he has always helped her. Nandini was upset that she had planned so much. She looked at Harshid and says she doesn’t think she will be able to do it.

PRECAP: Harshid performs on stage. Aryaman and Nandini performs with Veena and tablae. There is Madhiam’s performance as well.

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