Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita talking to Pathak and asking him to meet her at clinic, and not tell Raman. Raman comes and asks is she going to clinic, he was thinking to go on lunch date. She says she has a date with Varun Dhawan. He says he will drop her to clinic and they leave. Raman signs on the papers and asks Abhishek to punish Chand. He says I m helpless to not get Ashok punished, he is a creep, he has broke my marriage, hurt Ishita and kids, and now I lost a baby, I wish I was not related to him, but some people are there who are part of life unwillingly. Abhishek asks him not to worry. Shagun hears Raman and goes.

Abhishek says he will manage everything. Shagun stops Raman and apologizes to him. They have a talk. She blames herself. He says its not because of you. She says thanks and sorry once again. They shake hands. He says I have to go. She says Ishita deserves all the happiness, I know you will keep her happy. He leaves.

She gets Pathak’s call and he tells her that he met Ishita, and asks her to help. Shagun says I can do anything to help, and fixes meeting point with him. Raman comes to the clinic. He waits as Ishita is busy with patient. He hears people talking about Ishita losing the baby by saving her family, she conceived after much difficulty. Raman scolds them for gossiping about Ishita and him. Ishita comes and stops him, saying we should not care. Raman asks her to sit with them and make them laugh on herself. She says we will go on lunch. Raman cancels the lunch plan and leaves. She thinks she has to make Raman feel better and hopes Pathak does something.

Manoj meets Raman at his office. Raman says he wants Ishita to have her baby, as many people taunt her being childless and infertile. Manoj says so I have come here, there is a way that she can become a mother. Raman asks are you serious, and asks him to say how. Manoj tells about surrogacy, this is the only way now. Raman says it means my and Ishita’s baby… Manoj says it means the baby will be carried in other woman’s womb, its well known technique. Raman says I want to make Ishita get happiness to carry a baby.

Manoj says becoming mum is emotional experience, than physical, we will keep Ishita’s fertilized eggs in other woman’s womb, it will remain your baby. Raman asks who will do this. Manoj says there are many woman who do this, she will have legal tieup with you, and have regular checkups. Raman says I will try to talk to Ishita, I don’t know how will she handle this. Manoj leaves. Raman sits thinking.

Shagun and Pathak meet and talk about Raman’s guilt. His guilt will go when Ashok gets punished, Ishita wants some proof to trap Ashok and punish him, if you can help us, I did not tell Ishita I m meeting you, Shagun agrees to help and says no need to tell Ishita. Shagun says Ashok’s weakness is his business and tells about some factory, she is sure he runs illegal business.

Pathak informs this to Ishita and says Ashok is using children and cheap labor there to run his illegal business. Ishita says such a cheap man. Pathak says we will do something. Raman is on the way and recalls Manoj’s words. He comes home and says will Ishita agree for this, and thinks over it. He says he will convince Ishita.

Ishita says whats wrong, I know the meaning of surrogacy, we already have Ruhi and Adi, I understood I m happy and content, I don’t want any child, I know we have seen dream to get a child, it was Lord’s wish. He tells about the business party. She says she can’t come, she has to be with kids and asks him to go without wife in party. She asks him to wear heels to flirt with girls. He says who said flirting can happen by just standing. She laughs and goes. Raman says I can see your pain clearly, our dream will get true.

Simmi comes to some cafe with Ananya and sees Rinki. She says maybe Rinki is chatting with Mihir and joins her. She asks Rinki why is she not coming home. Rinki says she is busy in studies and did pest control at home too. Simmi says Mihir might be missing you, so you are chatting with him. Rinki gets messages and says she has extra classes, and leaves in hurry. Simmi says she is strange. Mihir calls Simmi. Simmi says maybe Rinki told you to call me. Mihir says I miss the food you make, and asks her about Rinki. Simmi gets thinking and says Rinki went for extra classes. Mihir says he will come soon, he got many gifts for Ananya, tell Rinki I left her a message. Simmi thinks whom was Rinki chatting with and why did she lie to me.

Raman comes in the party and minister talks to him about the accident. Raman says his family is fine. A man says he wanted to meet Ishita and applaud for her bravery. Raman says she wanted to come, she is at home to see kids’ studies. The man says you are indeed lucky Raman to get a wife like this.

Ashok and Raman get into a heated argument in the party.

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