Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya crying. She prays and asks Maa whether her Ved is fine, why is she seeing Ved in Chote Raja. She says she can’t see Chote Raja in this state, she will take him to city hospital, she wants blessings and asks for help. She turns and sees her police avatar, who reminds her to kill Manjari and succeed Mission Mahabali, she can’t get weak like this, she has to focus on her mission. Sandhya says no, I m also a woman, I can’t see a mum crying for her son, I know the pain to be away from a child, I will save Chote Raja. The dutiful Sandhya asks her who will save mission, her move can fail the mission. Sandhya says no, I promise to complete mission and also unite Chote Raja and Sajni.

Sooraj comes and greets Zakir. He hugs him and asks how is he. He says this is Sandhya’s best friend Lalima. Zakir says he has come to explain something about Sandhya. Sooraj asks where is she.. Zakir shows the train model. Sooraj asks whats this.

A man informs Shekhar that Chote Raja has gone to that prohibited area where nuclear bomb was made, so Narayani said poison is still there in his body, he is serious. Shekhar says what, he went there even after we stopped him. Sandhya asks Sajni to decide, they should take the boy to city hospital. Sajni cries and says there is tight security. Sandhya asks her to think about his life. Sajni says I want my son fine. Sandhya says I will take him to hospital, do you trust me. Sajni says yes, I totally trust you, that I can give my son’s life in your hands, just save him. Sandhya asks her not to worry.

Sooraj asks Zakir whats all this and sees the train model. Zakir asks does he remember anything. Lalima signs Zakir. Zakir says you went to Kota few months ago, right. Sooraj says yes, why. Zakir says Sandhya was also in same train and tells him…. Sooraj recalls those moments. Zakir tells that the last three coaches blasted, Sandhya was in it. Sooraj says no…. Ved looks on and cries. Sooraj says this is lie. Zakir says the department is the witness. Sooraj says no, my Sandhya is alive. Zakir says its such truth that no one can change.

Sooraj says I know Sandhya is alive. He goes to his room. Ved runs after him. Bhabho gets worried. Sandhya brings a cart and takes the boy in it. She sees the men guarding at the gate. She thinks to take the boy from the jungle route. Sooraj goes to his room and locks the door. Bhabho and everyone ask him to open the door. Ved cries. Meenakshi asks Lalima why is she giving shocks to Sooraj, Sooraj is getting unwell, what will happen now. Sandhya takes the boy through a rough way by difficulty. Bhabho asks Vikram and Mohit to break the door.

They all go inside and see Sooraj….. Sandhya takes the car and is still on the way. The cart gets stuck and the boy’s hand appears outside. She hides him and takes the cart. She thinks she will be out of Garjana area soon. Few men stop her and come to her. She thinks how did Garjana come here suddenly. She asks what happened, she is going to sell jaggery and shows them the basket. She asks them to eat it and say how is it. The man says you steal cleanly, but how do you make jaggery well. She asks can I go now. The man says fine, go.

She takes Chote Raja and reaches city hospital. The boy gets treated. She prays that the boy gets fine and asks the doctor. The doctor says he is serious, I doubt that the boy has got exposed to radiation, the body got poison. She says boy was in village, this is not possible, will he get fine. The doctor says I will say after getting blood reports, case is critical but you got him in time. Sandhya thinks how can Chote Raja get in radiations, what was doctor saying. The doctor gets tests done and sees the boy’s blood having high radiations. The lab doctor says just men working in nuclear plants get such radiations. He gets a call. Sandhya comes and asks for reports. The man says I have sent it to doctor. She asks for a copy. He gives her the copy. Shekhar comes and takes the report. Sandhya gets shocked seeing him.

Sandhya says that place has relation with Garjana’s plan and goes to find out. She says there is some secret place here and I need to reach it.

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