Tere Sheher Mein 16th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kangana praying. Amaya smiles and comes to her. Amaya apologizes to her. Kangana says Rama loves food and she will teach Amata to make kachoris. Sumitra sees them and thinks not to let them bond. Bua comes in kitchen. Kangana says Amaya is helping me in making kachoris and asks her to go. Bua calls Sumitra and everyone and shows them to see. Sumitra says Kangana is my daughter, don’t worry, Amaya and Kangana will not bond.

Kangana guides Amaya and they make kachoris. Amaya’s earring’s stone/diamond falls and Sumitra sees the minute item standing very far in the window. She goes inside the kitchen and picks the diamond… She says Rama has come and asks Kangana to go and meet him. Kangana asks Amaya to make kachoris and leaves. Sumitra asks Amaya about the earrings’ diamond, and makes Amaya check. She asks her to find it, and Amaya looks for it. Sumitra says it was diamond, if anyone eats it. Amaya breaks the kachoris to check. She smiles seeing Amaya ruining the kachoris and leaves.

Kangana meets Rama and says Sumitra told me all that happened in your marriage, Amaya helped me in making kachoris, I m sure you will like it. He asks what, really. She says yes, I m sure you will like it. Sumitra keeps the diamond on the bed and says Rama will see it and think Amaya has made it fall here. Kangana asks Amaya what is she doing. Amaya says the diamond fell and she is checking it in the kachoris. Rama gets it on the bed. Bua says Amaya is ruining everything for her diamond. Kangana asks how will the diamond get inside kachoris. Amaya says let me see. Rama comes and says here it is, it was on the bed.

Sumitra comes and cries, saying Kangana made kachoris for Rama with love and you ruined it. Amaya asks what is she saying so, you told me to find diamonds in kachoris. Sumitra asks when did I see, see she is such a clever girl, liar… She asks Kangana to be away from Amaya. Amaya says Sumitra did this intentionally, why does she do this always. Sumitra says so I m lying, fine I should be punished. She starts her drama and Amaya stops her, asking why is she showing its my mistake. Kangana says stop it, Sumitra is like my mum, I can’t bear anyone misbehaving with her, I made kachoris for my brother and you ruined it, infelt you are a nice girl, but you are a cheater and clever girl. She scolds Amaya. Sumitra makes fake crying faces. Amaya leaves. Kangana hugs Sumitra.

Rama scolds Amaya for ruining the kachoris. Amaya defends herself and says I don’t come in this room, don’t you understand this, how will the earring diamond come here, use your mind sometimes, are you really a fool or just ignore things. Rama says fine, I m bad and cheap man, why did you marry me, get lost and end this drama. Kangana brings gift for Rama and hears them fighting. Rama leaves angrily.

Kangana tells Sumitra about Amaya and Rama’s fight. Sumitra says its daily fights. Kangana says she went to give gift to Rama, he went out, I m worried. Sumitra thinks she will send Amaya to get Rama. Amaya asks where will I find him, he went by his wish, you call him. Sumitra says he is not taking my call, I don’t care how you will find him, else you may remember…… Amaya goes out at night and looks for Rama everywhere. She sees Rama’s bike outside a bar and goes inside.

She finds Rama drinking and stops him. She asks him to come. He asks her to go, good family girls don’t come here. She says good family guys also don’t come here. He says just go, I won’t come. She says fine, sit here, I will be here with you. He says do anything, I don’t care. She says she will drink wine and asks waiter to get a same drink as Rama is having. She gets the wine. Rama stops her from drinking. He says enough, and leaves with her.

He looks for bike keys. She sees he is much drunk. She says we can’t go by bike, you are drunk, we will go by walk. Rama says I can manage, I will go by bike. She says its enough drama, come with me. She takes him home. Rama falls down and she asks him to silently walk. He falls near the bed. She shuts the door and asks him to get up. He says no, I will sit here. He says he lost the bike keys. She removes his shoes, asks him to stay here, she will lemon water and food. She comes back and asks him to get up. Rama gets sleepy and she tries waking him up……. (Phew……!! over…..Hope this scene does not continue tomorrow!!)

Rachita tells Sneha that maybe I should have not gone out in market. Sneha says I don’t want you to live with fear. Sneha gets a call and gets shocked.

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