Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th September 2015 Written Episode

Harshad and his group perform on the stage a rock song. They began hard and remain like that all the way which is liked by most of the students and Nandhani seems worried that his friends are not there.
Aaliya asks Dhruv to sing him a song but Dhruv makes excuses about his health being bad and so he will not be able to perform. Aaliya goes to pick up her mobile and finds that Nandhani has called her alot of times. Both of them get confused and then Dhruv says that how could he forget that today was Nandhani’s performance. Naviya’s son is not well. The doctor comes and asks that when did she gave him breast milk at this Mukti says that she is not his mother and she will be here. The doctor says that they have to give the mother boiled water at this Mukti makes an excuse to leave the house. On her way out Naviya calls her and Mukti tells her that everything is fine. All of them reach the Academy.
Nandhani greets them and says that she wants them to perform with her but they refuse and says that she should perform without her because they can no longer perform without Manik and Cabir.
Nandhani goes on the stage and Aryaman and Naviya also go with her. They together perform an amazing song which is enjoyed by everyone in a classical manner. At their finishing the song they get a huge applause from the audience.
After the Performance Nandhani says thanks to the remaining members to the fab5 and leaves.
Nandhani is sitting and Aryaman comes and tries to cheer her up but she says that she needs some time alone so he leaves. Nandhani thinks of what Manik said about the fab5 being together and vows to join them again. She receives massage and eaves.
Maddy comes on the stage and places on Guitar on the ground on this Harshad mocks him and he says that he is a one man band and plays an amazing song.
The person Nandhani was calling comes and texts that he is at the Space academy and so nandhani goes to receive him meanwhile Maddy is working the stage .
Nandhani welcomes the guest and leads him to the stage. Maddy gets shocked after seeing him and stops playing the song.

Precap: Madhiam drags Nandhani in the room and says that why did she drag his family in this. He says that she has gone personal on him and so he will also go personal on her.

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