Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shekhar checking the reports. He realizes that Chote Raja has gone in the area where nuclear bomb is being made, as he has faced nuclear radiations there, its good Sagarika did not see this report, else she would have known about our plan. The family comes to see Sooraj and gets shocked seeing him sitting silent in shock. Vikram and Mohit ask him is he fine. Menakshi says just say something. Shekhar thanks the man and takes the report. He asks Sandhya to come out. He asks why did she lie and get Chote Raja here, did she feel they will not know, commander can throw her out of the village, I can’t help.

She says she did this for Chote Raja, she went against them as she could not bear Sajni’s pain, are you scolding me for the efforts I made to save the boy. Shekhar says its 6 months you came to the village, I m glad seeing emotions for the villagers, but be careful, we don’t know if there is any police officer infront of us. The doctor says boy is out of danger now, you may have seen reports, its strange, how did the boy… Shekhar interrupts and thanks him. He asks can we take the boy home. The doctor says not now, we will keep him under observation.

Shekhar looks at Chote Raja. Sandhya thinks Shekhar stopped doctor from saying something, there is something in report that Shekhar is hiding, I have to see the blood reports. Meenakshi tells Lalima that Sooraj has become like stone now, its worse than before. Lalima cries. She goes to Sooraj and says its Ganesh Chaturthi tomorrow, Vikram got all items for Golu, but Ved is alone and waiting for his gift. We have to buy clothes for him, make him have this halwa, then we will go to market, come.

She says Ved is waiting, come. Ved smiles seeing Sooraj walking to him. Bhabho thanks Lord. Sooraj keeps halwa near Ved and leaves. Meenakshi asks Lalima what did she do, Sooraj used to worry for Ved when he was unwell, see whats happening now, Ved has lost his father now, its third day tomorrow, people will take Sooraj to mental hospital.

A lady comes and invites Bhabho for the Ganesh Chaturthi function. Meenakshi says its auspicious day, we should keep puja tomorrow. Vikram says diya would be needed, you know Sooraj’s state. Lalima says no, I agree with Meenakshi, maha aarti will happen, it will be Agnipariksha tomorrow. Bhabho says no, nothing will happen now, I can’t permit you. She says I know you are pure hearted and a great devotee of Lord, but I m a mum, if anything goes wrong with Sooraj… I know its last day tomorrow.. if he does not get fine, then they will take him to mental hospital. She says she will take Sooraj somewhere far. Babasa says yes, we will take him to village forever. He cries. Lalima says not anymore, I will do my work before the aarti, I will see will Sooraj’s illness wins or my determined efforts.

Sajni gets glad seeing her son fine and thanks Lord. Sandhya thinks to see reports once. The boy says he will never go to that jungle again. Shekhar tells commander that Sagarika has saved the boy, he was really critical, he went to the place where we are making the bomb and he went in radiations. Sajni thanks Sagarika and says you became my Lord. Sagarika says you are like my elder sister, and elder sister doesn’t touch feet. Sajni says you understood my pain, when you did not become a mum, you saved my son. Sandhya says he is also like my son. Sajni says you bought me by this favor, if I have to give life for you, I will not move back. The commander asks her to make some sweets for Sagarika. Sandhya says I will just come and leaves.

Sandhya checks the reports and says how did boy get under radiations, Sajni said he always fell ill after going to jungle, why are these stones different than others, maybe by that radiations. Sandhya thinks the foreigner also went to that place, it has some relation with Garjana’s plan, what are they doing, I have to find out. She comes in the jungle and thinks there is some secret passage or place hidden here, I will find it today, Garjana is planning something that has radiations, its dangerous, what are they planning here, I have to find the secret way.

Sandhya hides seeing someone going wearing the radiation protecting clothes, and pulls back a man. She wears that radiation safe costume and mask to go ahead.

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