Satrangi Sasural 17th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Arushi senses his breaths and drgas him out. Arushi does chest compressions, and mouth to mouth, and he finally revives back after much effort, relieving him happily. He asks about his children, and she is tensed. he swears that he wont leave vibha alive.

Scene 2:
Location: Kasturi’s residence
Out for a walk, with the child, granny, geeta and harpreet spot vibha with the child in their locality, who drives. they run and scream after her, but she doesnt listen. they are shocked and apalled. they hire an auto and follow the car. Vibha stops the car and then dials arushi, and then asks if she thinks that she won by saving vihaan, and then asks her to go home, to see what big price she had to pay for her win in saving vihaan. arushi is scvared while vibha guffaws evilly. Arushi is tensed, while he asks her to speak as to what happened. Vibha enters the factory and goes inside. geeta and harpreet, along with granny too reach. harpreet dials vihaan’s number to let them know. But it doesnt get through. they are tensed but keep trying though, but in vain. they wonder what to do. granny says that they have to risk their life and get inside at any cost.

Inside the house, mili too doses off, along with kasturi, jhanvi and dadaji. vihaan and arushi arrive and are shocked to all the people lying unconscious, first dadaji, then kasturi, then mili and finally jhanvi. they are apalled and distraught. Arushi screams out too. they eye the glass of milk in mili’s hands. they find that she is still alive and begin to rush her to the hospital, after seeing that everyone else is beyond reviving.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital and warehouse
Arushi is distraught, while narmada keeps asking her to remain calm and composed, as she cant lose hope, or else who shall support the child. vihaan stands helpless and shocked. he then takes out his phone and moves aside. mini stands by arushi. he dials harpreet, who tells about vibha’s hideout, where the other child is. he is shocked and asks, and she tells him the address. he asks her to stay put, while he reaches there. he is filled with venomous rage. he thinks that arushi isnt in a condition to go, but she shall insist if she gets to know, and hence decides to refrain from telling her, saying that he shall bring back her child safely, as only her child can bring solace to her. he leaves. meanwhile, arushi notices that vihaan is gone and wonders where he went. they are boggled. She asks the nurse, who tells her that she saw him going out. Arushi is surprised.

Granny goes inside stealthily with others, as they hear vibha’s voice resonating, that she applauds them for being able to live till this long, after her repeated attempts to kill them all, and welcomes them to this place. Granny tells that she wont spare her. just then, they eye a basket through a hig end rope, containg a white sheet and they presume that the child is inside it. They are distraught and apalled. Soon, vibha appears in the balcony, with a pistol in her hands. She tells them that if they want to see their granddaughter alive, they shouldnt risk getting close to her, as they would only get their granddaughter’s dead body, or maybe not even that. they are scared as they retreat. she guffaws loudly. She taunts them as she descends down the stairs, and then comes near a tank of boiling sulphuric acid, above which directly hangs the basket containing the child. they are horrified. she gives them a demo by throwing her phone in it. As they stand petrified, she asks if she should give the demo again. she pulls the remote, and the basket containg the child lowers down, over the tank, just barely escaping it. They scream and beg her to stop, and after tormenting them, she puts it back up again. they helplessly cry as they continue to witness her evil charade, of pulling the child up and down. she laughs at them, while they watch with tear stricken eyes. she again warns them not to come close or be smart, as then she shall press the remote, and whatever happens to the child after that, they are to be blamed. She asks if they thought, they would follow her on their own, but the truth is she wanted them to follow her. harpreet begs her not to do this, as they would give her anything she wants. She eyes the pistol at ghranny and says that she wants her. they are shocked and boggled. She says that she wants granny at her feet, begging for mercy and apology, wash her feet and then pray to her, just like a goddess, and then drink the water she uses to wash her feet. they are horrified. Vibha asks granny to worship her like a goddess and fast, as she doesnt have time to waste. Geeta and harpreet say that they wont spare her. vibha scares them saying that maybe they dont love their child, and so she shall press the remote. they are scared and scream no. granny moves ahead towards vibha, while they are distraught. As vibha sits on the pedestal, she puts her legs out, along with a tub of water, for granny to clean her feet with. harpreet and geeta are distraught, as they stand helpless holding the son. Granny resignedly gets to cleaning vibha’s feet with the water, and then touching her feet begs for apology, and mercy on her family and her children. geeta and harpreet are unable to see this. the screen freezes on vibha’s evil face.

Precap: A promo of the new storyline in Satrangi Sasural, wherein the changed timings are told, from 21.09.2015, at 18:00 hours in the evening. It shows as to how the mothers shall undergo a makeover and the story shall be presented in a new manner, wherein they face new challenges and difficulties, with renewed and increased vigour and zeal, and will.

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