Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 18th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Ajay says got get ready. Sanjana is getting ready in her room. Ajju clambers in in. Ajay is out on his bike. sanjana says leave me. Ajju grasps and ropes her. He blindfolds her. He says you were touching him? Touch him now. Call him now. Its just me and you now. We will love like we used to. He shoves her on the bed. Sanjana tries to run. shreya says there is some noise. Like someone is falling. Ajju tries to touch her but sanjana is running from him. Ajju says no one is coming to save you. I still love you. I am ready to forget everything.
Shreya says i guess it from sanjana’s room. Ajju shoves sanjana on bed. He takes off his jacket. Mishri comes and hits ajju on head. She releases Sanjana.
they see ajju in all blood. Sanjana hugs mishri. Ajay comes in. He is dazed to see ajju. Shreya comes in and says what happened? why was there so much noise? did someone fall? Ajay says yes all okay. Mishri fell and dropped everything. Shreya says you people are concealing something? Ajay says no.

Ajay checks ajju’s heartbeat. He says ajju is dead. They are all shocked. Mishri starts crying. she says i hit him. She says i killed him? sanjana says please clam down. you didn’t do anything. She hugs her. Ajay picks ajju up and they take the deadbody out from back door. They hide the body in plants.

Precap-Everyone is looking for mishri. SHe is locked in her room. Sanjana says the door was locked we were trying to open it. shreya says don’t lie sanjana. .

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