Satrangi Sasural 21st September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Warehouse
Vibha finally fires the pistol, leaving them aghast, as she smiles evilly, even in her dying breaths. She collapses on the floor after that, going unconscious, while all stand shocked. Meanwhile, arushi notices that she has been hit in the stomach by the bullet. All are distraught and apalled as they clutch to her, while she collapses in vihaan’s arms, who catches her. The mothers are distressed. He rushes her straight to the hospital.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
On the stretcher, vihaan keeps assuring arushi that nothing shall happen to her, as she is rushed to the OR. the mothers are in uncontrollable tears. jhe keeps assuring her and himself that she wont leave him. She asks him to promise that he shall take care of their seven mothers, and give their combined love to the children. granny tells her that they all need her. Vihaan says that she would be okay. she asks narmada to take care of vihaan. narmada asks her to be strong, as nothing shall happen to her. they take her inside for the opertation, while the mothers stand outside apalled and in despair. All wait tensedly outside, as the doctors proceed with the operation, to save arushi. they draw the bullet out. the mothers turn to the temple in the hospital, to save arushi. The doctors try to revive as she starts debiliating, with shocks to the heart. they find that she is bleeding massively internally, and are hopeless that they shall not to be able to save her. outside, the light of the diya starts flickering, where the mothers are praying, and they all try to keep it alight. but finally it dosues off, as arushi flatlines on the monitor. they are stunned into silence, as the doctors take arushi off the life support. He comes out and apologises to vihaan, that they couldnt save arushi and she is dead. vihaan is too stunned to react. the mothers are shocked as they hear this. he screams at the doctor and says that arushi cant die and throws him out of the way and rushes in. As the nurses drapes the white cloth over arushi’s bface, vihaan rushes in with the mothers, telling her not to do so, as his wife shall not be able to breathe, and shall suffocate. He nudges her to get up and breathe, as he, the mothers and the children need her, and breaks into uncontrollable tears, while the mothers grieve terribly at his condition, as arusi lies dead before them. He turns to narmada going berserk in shock, while they helplessly try to control and calm him down. he is in despair, as they remember her moments with him and the family, in their house. he breaks down cupping her face.


Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence, Chandni Chowk
Granny talks to arushi’s pic, that she had promised that she wont stop laughing, when she went away, and has been fulfilling this promise for the past four years, being the strongest of them all. she sits outside in the chair, as arushi’s kids throng herm to tell her stories. they all start to play together with toy figures. granny starts narrating the story, of a jungle, as an allegory of their own satrangi sasural. She points out as to how the departure of arushi, broke the family too, and one by one tells, that priyanka has gone to Amritsar for teaching Dance, mini has taken to become a Maid, in others’ house, narmada hasnt come out of shock of arushi’s death, the docile harpreet has become viciously angry and the ever so emotional Geeta has become the ordering types. A fierce battle ensues in the house, where geeta is fighting with harpreet, and narmada and mini intervene to calm both of them down. geeta orders to harpreet to pick up the potatoes, that harpreet had thrown on the floor in disgust. Harpreet remains standing in defiance. geeta points out as to how, since arushi died, she was the one who set up this business of evening snacks, while they were all busy grieving, and after that phase had passed, were too high maintenance to be working, being the vatsala women. she says that she was the only one who brought income into the house, at that time, and today it has converted into a business, and hence if she orders a couple of instructions, they wouldnt be doing a favour, by obliging. harpreet however says that they arent her servants, as they are at logger heads with each other. narmada asks harpreet to quieten down. geeta picks up the knife in anger. all are shocked. granny wonders who shall come who shall bring back the colours of this satrangi sasural once again, like arushi.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
meanwhile on the road, as vihaan is walking on the road, a vendor throws some used papers, and garbage on the road, right near his feet. he gets enraged, while the vendor wards it off casually apologising. He asks the vendor to pick it up, but he doesnt comply. vihaan tells him that by mistake he left a silver spoon here too. Greedily, he immediately rushes out to look for the silver spoon, but doesnt get it, and then gets angry. Vihaan grabs him by the collar and points out that he could come for the spoon but not to throw the garbage.

On the other hand, a young girl, is shown to be learning to ridw the scooty, with her driver in the car after her, asking her to be careful, whil she is in throes of excitement. She finds a person coming in, and finds that she isnt able to put on the brakes. He collides and falls on the ground, while his stuff is thrown around in the air while she too loses her balance and falls on him. the person is Vihaan, who lands in a pile of mud and dirt, awkwardly eyeing the girl on top of him. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: The girl finds vihaan’s wallet, that contains arushi’s pic, but before she can see her pic, vihaan comes and snatches it from her, wrangling her around with the hand. she is shocked. he asks how dare she open it..

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