Sasuraal Simar Ka 21st September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar runs after the woman and says I just have to talk to you. She run and comes to a place. she opens a truck and takes out a picture. she says this cant happen and cries.
Mata ji says to guru ji we are all in trouble. He says take me to prem’s room. Whole house is under bad eye.

The old woman says this can’t happen. She looks back and sees a lady there. She dies.
Guru ji says no one will stay in this room with me.
Inspector says to prem you can take painting with you. Amar tells simar that we can take it but we have to return it. He asks what happened? She says that woman was so scared to see my face. she ran in a moment. Amar says she was mentally ill. Anyway, lets go. Simar says yes. amar says to the man put the bigger painting in our car. He says that painting is no where. Inspector asks amar to come, he shows him something. They both see the painting. Amar says put it in our car.

Guru ji says we have to do this maha pooja and don’t worry this will end the affect of bolackmagic. For that i need to stay here. There should be no missings. Mata ji says we will do as you ask. Guru ji says i want you to.. Some people enter the house. Guru ji stops. simar and amar come in as well. The men are carrying the painting with them. Mata ji says what is it? Simar says we found it at ananji’s place. When we reached there he was dead. Everyone is dazed. Simar says now only this painting can help us. The story sankap told us this is the same witch indra. Guru ji says what will this lifeless picture tell you? Guru ji says i have to stay here. Simar says i just want to find jigsaw puzzles pieces from past in our present.

Simar is in her room. she wonders how is mohini’s death related to the painting. Simar hears anklet’s voice. She says what is it? Simar says where is it coming from? Simar follows the voice. Simar says who is it there? suddenly its all silent. Simar says where was it coming from? Simar sees mata ji there. Simar says why are you scared and here? mata ji says i heard anklets. I followed it. Then i felt like some was here. Simar says we should go and check. They hear someone screaming. Mata ji says who was it? Simar says it was from downstairs. They go downstairs.
Uma is on the floor and she is screaming save me save me. Simar says bhabhi open you eyes eyes, we are here. Uma is trembling. They call the doctor.

Doctor checks uma and says she is shocked. We have to admit her to a hospital. Guru says we don’t need to. She saw something that she shouldn’t have. Guru ji makes a line outside uma’s room. He says dont come out of. Simar says but the people who are outside. Guru ji says i will take care of him. Jhanvi says we should take uma to hospital. Mata ji says guru ji will take care of it. Simar says something has happened in our house.

Precap-Sanju says mama i am sleepy please go upstairs. mata ji says take her with you. Sanjana waves the painting. amar sees her.

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