Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd September 2015 Written Episode

Mukti and Aaliya come and Mukti says that she is fed up of her attitude she does not like to say sorry then when they are about to leave Aaliya and Dhruv and when they come to know that she is not at home they call Aryaman and they all search until they reach the gates of Space and when they open it they find Madhiam leaving in his car.
Dhruv says that what was he doing here when he left his performance and then they think of Nandhni and check the rooms and finally find her in one of the rooms. They all ask her if Maddy did this to her but she leaves. Mukti gets frustrated and asks that how long will this go after which Dhruv says that until they sorry to her and also says that he has a plan to do it.
A guy is trying to start his bike when Dhruv comes and asks him about the matter and he says that he had service done on it just two days ago and then Dhruv puts has oil in the bike and it starts and they person leaves happily.
Naviya is talking with a guest and asks him about when his new movie will release. He says that it will get on air on the 25 of September, Naviya wishes him luck and advices everyone to watch this movie and then plays a beautiful song. When he leaves the manager calls her and asks her to come and have a coffee with him.
Nandhani is sitting in the room and then someone throws a letter she reads it but throws it away then she gets another one. She gets angry and leaves and just as she walks out all of the members of the fab 5 sing a lovely song to try to cheer her up and she gets happy in the end. Nandhn goes into their music room and again mentions Manik and fab5 on which Mukti gets angry and says a lot of awful things to her. She then sys that she wants to be president to know what happened with Manik and Cabir that night because they know it was a bomb blast so what happened that they got blown up. She leaves then everyone feels sorry for what they said and plan to make her win the elections.
Rishab and Nandhani’s uncle get out of a auto rickshaw and the uncle says to Rishab to get some papers photocopied but he wanders away and his uncle is not able to find him.
Nandhani is blowing some lanterns and suddenly does not find any matches. Suddenly someone torches a lighter and she sees up to see Aryaman and gets happy and also lets him help her.
Dhruv takes Aaliya to a restaurant and says to her to direct his videos hearing this she gets excited and Dhruv dances and his video is also uploaded on youtube.
Mdhiam sees Rishab sitting on the corner of a shop he comes and unwillingly takes him with him meanwhile his uncle comes and calls Nandhani to tell her that Rishab is lost

Precap: Maddy tells Aryaman to back off but he pushes him away then he slams Aryaman and then Mukti picks up his phone to place a massage in favor of Nandhani.

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