Sasuraal Simar Ka 22nd September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Guru ji sees the painting, he reads a mantra. He throws something on painting. Suddenly everyone hears guru ji’s scream. They all out and check, guru ji is faint in temple. Everyone is bewildered. Everyone tries to get him up. Pari brings water. Rajhinder says how did this happen. Amar gets him up. Rajhinder asks are you okay? He says yes. Mata ji says what happened? He says some power attacked me. I said there is something wrong with this house. He says i read mantra and threw rice on painting they came back to me. And i fainted.
Sanju says mama i am sleepy lets go upstairs. Mata ji says you should go. sanjana waves at the painting. Amar sees her. He is dazed.

Simar sings a lullaby for sanjana. Amar sees sanajna smiling and rolling her doll’s face. He says simar.. Sanju hides the doll. simar says come in. Amar says that woman wasn’t mad. Whatever she said about the painting was right. that painting is causing all this in our house.

Someone is walking the house in dark. amar senses someone walking. Amar sees sanju on his door steps. Simar wakes up and wonders where is sanju? she looks out for her. Simar comes in amar’s room. Sanju hugs simar. Amar says in heart there is something with her. Simar says what is she doing here? Amar says i wanna talk to you. Amar says to simar sanju came here its weird. simar says i guess she was hungry. amar says when you were singing her the lullaby she was throttling her doll. Here she came and she wanted to harm me she brought rope with her as well. simar says what are you saying. Its a skipping rope. She is a child are you out of your mind.

Simar comes in her room with sanju. She says sanju why you went to amar’s room. did you need something. Tell me, i am asking you something? Weren’t you scared going downstairs. Is there something wrong? simar says in heart i think she is scared. Simar says you are my doll. Tell me. Sanju sleeps without saying anything. simar says i have to tell ama that she is just scared.

Amar says what is happening in this house. He goes out to check the painting.

Precap-amar mata ji and simar all hear anklet and come downstairs.

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