Tashan-e-Ishq 22nd September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bubbly is in the party. She says this doesn’t look good. I wish twinke and kunj come soon. She goes in to check. A guy comes and sees her. He says hi babe. Bubbly goes in a room and calls twinkle. she says please come here at royal farm house the party where kunj called you. Please come here i dont feel safe.
Twinkle says kunj invited me there. Twinkle calls kunj and says how dare you to call me there in such cheap party. And my sister is stuck there because of you. Twinkle rushes to the party.
Bubbly is in the room. The guy knocks at the door. kunj calls bubbly and asks where you are? She says i am in the party where you invited twinkle. He is knocking at the door please save me.
Twinkle and kunj are on the way.

The guy comes in and says here you are babe. bubbly says i am not like this. He tries to misbehave. He says one comes here with his will. He tries to misbehave with her.
Kunj comes to the party looking for bubbly. He sees her upstairs in the room where the guy is misbehaving with her. He rushes upstairs. Bubbly hugs him. She is crying. Kunj covers her with his shirt. He hits the guy. Twinkle reaches the party as well. She is looking for bubbly, she sees him with kunj. Twinkle hugs her. She is crying. She says in that room, that guy. Twinkle hugs her. Kunj says dont worry twinkle. she slaps kunj. she shows him text, she you were asking me to come here. Kunj says i didnt text you. Twinkle says you texted me this. He says i dont know who did this. she says just shut up. What did you have in mind when you invited me here. Bubbly says listen to him once. Why would he save me. Twinkle says shut up, lets go bubbly. He says i will drop bubbly home safe i vowed myself. He takes bubbly with him. Twinkle follows them.

Bubbly comes home. Pini says come to my room, where were you? and whom were you with? Whose shirt are you wearing? Why is your t shirt torn. Twinkle tell us what happened to her. Inspector comes in, he says we raided the wife swapping party. Pini says you were there? Kunj says we went to that party.
Kunj says we didnt know that there was a party in the next farm house that was wife swapping party. Bubbly went there in confusion and when she realized she called. We ran to save her.
Maa says kunj we are so proud of you. you saved her. Twinkle says to kunj i will handle bubbly you should go now.
Twinkle tries to console bubbly. Pini says she will be punished today. She comes with a stick to hit her. Twinkle says hit me don’t hit her. I asked to come there. Its not her fault. She takes bubbly upstairs.

Kunj says this was all the plan. Who did this? He wanted this to happen to twinkle and create misunderstanding between us. Yuvi?

Precap-Kunj asks twinkle to read the text. He says yuvi texted you this. Twinkle calls yuvi and says you texted me? This is what kunj is saying. yuvi says you all wanna know truth? Come with me.

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