Badtameez Dil 22nd September 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, meher talking to her mother saying that she is in office and has a lot of work left. As soon as she enters her cabin she sees kabirs photos and the same time kabir calls her and says that evening we’ll go for dinner then meher tells him that im busy now I’ll call you later. On the other hand nisar don’t allow meher toi receive anymore phone calls of abeer. And at the end of the day when kuber enters mehers cabin he sees abeer calling he asks her how was her day. She says it was good and asks him permission to go home. On entering house taiji plays her trick by adding sugar to the food made by the servants. And calls them and starts shouting them. Maher hears that and starts making dinner again. Abeer comes there and gets angry on here.
After that he goes in his room. Meher enters room and says sorry. The next day abeer gets up and gets angry that meher is not meeting him. Then taiji explains him that when a women is working she won’t have any time for her husband. After that when meher comes back from her office she tells abeer that today Ive cracked a meeting of 90 crores. Then lets go celebrate by having dinner. While going out kuber stop them and says meher that lets prepare tomorrows 9 o’ clock meeting. Then she says priorities first. Hearing that abeer gets angry and goes out. Then taiji explains kuber that if you want to win something you have to lose many things so just ignore abeer.
Abeer goes out with nisar to have his dinner.and explains his problem.then nisar suggests him that it is because of you father wanted you to be a successful man instead of meher. On the other hand madhvi gives meher black coffee and asks about her problem then she says that I didn’t like that kuber insulted abeer. Then madhvi says that don’t worry it is the same everyday . ther nisar says that if meher says you to go and work in office then will you go? Abeer says that im abeer I do what I want to do.

Precap: none

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