Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd September 2015 Written Episode

Meera shouts at Vidya that she and Modi family insulted her repeatedly and she even slapped her. Vidya says it was an accident. Meera says whatever it is, she slapped her though and when she pleaded not to marry Shravan, she went ahead. Modi family let Gaura insult her repeatedly. Vidya says she will inform mamma, papa, and daadi what great work she did. Meera shouts she does not care.

Gaura acts as scolding Meera for yelling at her her poti bahu Vidya and signals her to stop Vidya from making a call. Vidya dials Gopi. Gaura says she will speak and tries to snatch phone. Vidya says she will speak first and while crying calls Gopi maa maa. Gaura pushes her hand and drops phone into burning coal. Call gets disconnected and Gopi gets worried for Vidya. Gaura apologizes Vidya and takes her to all. Vidya asks where is land line and walks towards it. Gaura signals Dharam to cut wire and he does. Vidya tries calling, but phone is dead. Gaura says dabla/phone is not working since 2 days. Vidya asks her mobile phone. Gaura says she kept it in her room for charging and says one more dabla is in her room and she can call from there. Dharam cuts even that phone’s wire. Vidya tries but phone is dead again. Gaura says problem is with line and asks her to keep trying while she bring water for her and locks door from outside.

Gopi tries Vidya’s number repeatedly. Jigar suggests her to call Gaura, but she does not pick call. He suggests her to call Dharam and then Shravan. Gaura holds Shravan’s mobile and says he left phone here in a hurry, let Gopi suffer as she suffered for years.l

Vidya knocks door and calls Gaura. Gaura opens door and says she went to bring phone for her. Vidya asks why did she lock door. Gaura says her house is old and doors get jammed in winter. She gives phone and also water to drink. Vidya drinks water and falls unconscious.

Dharam enters his room. Meera gets nervous seeing him and says he knows in which situation they married, he should never think of coming near her. He walks near her and she asks not to come near him. He pushes her on bed and extends his hand towards her, but then stops and destroys all decoration and says ye namuni/specimen don’t ever think of coming near him instead and walks out.

Precap: Gaura calls Kokila and tells Vidya’s life is in danger.

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