Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 23rd September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shreya texts Mishri that she knows everything about ajju from and an unknown number. she gets scared. She runs to tell ajay and collides with shreya. Shreya says why are you trembling? Mishri says where is ajay? Shreya says he has gone out. They’re scared.

Amar sees water coming from garage. He asks angoori to bring key of garage.
Angoori comes and asks vinati for keys, she says there is some water coming from garage. Sanjana and ajay are scared. She goes to garage. Sanjana says why is there water. Mishri says i placed an ice slab on dead body in the back of car. Ajay says are you mad.
Amar and Vinati enter the garage. Amar says its coming from back of the car. Ajay and sanjana come in.Ajay says sanjana you are so stupid. This is because of you. I asked you to do this. Sanjana says you were asked. Amar says why are you both fighting? Ajay says i asked her to take bucket from here after cleaning and she left it in the car. Vinati says i will clean it. Sanjana says no he will scold at me. Vinati says okay just dont fight. Amar says who is talking look. Amar says you used to fight the same way. Vinati says lets go in there is too much to work.
Sanjana says we will take it out in the evening. Mishri comes as well. She says i want to say something. sanjana says why are you scared? She says my phone. Vinati says mishri mammi has made you soup. She takes mishir with her.

Elaichi says to mishri you are not eating nor doing anything. Shreya says i hope you will like this mishri. Elaichi says to mishri finish this soup till i come back. Mishir is scared. She starts screaming she throws the bowl away. Eaichi and sanjana come in. She says there in the soup. Elaichi says what was in the soup? sanjana says mishir don’t worry nothing will happen to you. And why didn’t you eat something? i will make you pasta?
Elaichi comes to sanjana we are blessed that you are our daughter in law. The way you handled mishri. Stay with us like this. Shreya says in heart there is some time.
Ajay says to sanjana we will take out the dead body. Sanjana says no we will go to cops and tell them everything. I will take the blame and say that i have killed him. Ajay says i will take the blame. I can’t let you and mishri take it. Mishry gets a text your brother and bhabhi are going to cops and they will deceive you, they will tell them about you killing ajju. Ajay says to sanjan i should have done this before. We were doing it wrong. Sanjana says yes we will go to cops and tell them truth. Mishri overhears the last line. she is scared.
Shreya smiles.
Mishri says i will be arrested tomorrow? They promised me they will save me? They can’t do this to me. She says okay if they are caring about themselves then i will care about myself too. But what can i do? Shreya texts him again trust me and take the dead body and throw it somewhere. Mishri says should i do this? mishri gets a text before morning throw the dead body away. Or tomorrow they will get you arrested.

Precap-Inspector says we have got to know that ajju has died. once we have post mortem reports we will know everything. Sanjana says you found his dead body? He says yes we did.

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