Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kanak humiliating Dhaani. Dhaani asks how can you do this with my respect. Kanak says you people don’t have respect and starts pulling her saree. Dulaari asks Viplav about the case. Viplav says 1 min and sees the video which he got on his mobile. He sees Kanak insulting Dhaani in full view of public and goes without informing Dulaari. Kanak tries to take off Dhaani’s saree, but Durga comes and stops her asking how can she insult a woman being a woman herself. She asks don’t you feel ashamed to disrespect an innocent girl and asks her to respect woman. Kanak asks why you are showing sympathy for this bad character woman. She says both of you are in the same boat and that’s why supporting Dhaani. Durga gets angry and shouts bahu rani. Kanak stops her hand and asks her not to call her bahu rani else she will take out her tongue from her mouth.

Tripurari comes and takes Durga and Dhaani with him. Kanak gets angry and thinks low class woman is trying to teach her. Durga makes Dhaani drink water and asks what is her name. Tripurari says she is Dhaani and asks his mum, why she interfered in the matter. Durga says she couldn’t stop herself seeing a woman insulted. Dhaani says you are like my mum. Durga says you are like my daughter. She says Tripurari will drop you home and sees him gone.

Viplav comes home and asks Kanak why did you insult Dhaani in public view. Kanak says yes, I did and what else I could do. She says at one side her daughter got engaged and at the other side, her son is caught romancing a widow. She says people are badmouthing about them. A Pan wala tries to flirt with Suwarna. Badi Amma and Dulaari scold him. Pan wala shows the newspaper in which Dhaani’s photo is published with Viplav. Dulaari and Badi Amma are shocked. Dulaari says this can’t be true. Pan wala says it is written that a widow trapped a man. Kanak says people don’t see the heading, but photo and will tell that Dasharath tripathi’s grand son was roaming with a widow. She says people are badmouthing about them and says you have ruined Dada ji’s respect. Viplav says this is wrong.

Dulaari and Badi Amma come Ashram angrily. Dulaari calls for Dhaani and sees her missing. Suwarna tells that she went with Dhaani, and thought Dhaani has returned home. She recalls Tripurari telling her to bring Dhaani for temple work. Dulaari cries. Viplav tells Kanak that he has hurt everyone and apologizes to her. He says you people are mistaken and says I told you clearly that I don’t want to get engaged. She says what did Dhaani do, so that you insulted her. Kanak says she didn’t do anything as such and just went to ask her…..Viplav shows the video and asks did you ask this. Kanak thinks this video might be taken by Tripurari. Kanak says very good, I didn’t think that my son will question me. She says I did this for you. She says she was insulted by Tania’s mum and couldn’t sleep entire night. She says I thought to meet her once as she was the one who is responsible for this. Viplav says if you don’t apologize to her, then I will go on your behalf. Kanak apologizes for lying about the engagement thing and apologizes.

Viplav sees Shambu and Dadi looking at him. Dadi asks what happened? Kanak says you people stays in jungle and don’t know anything about the happenings. Shambu picks the newspaper and says it is Viplav’s photo. Kanak asks him to stop Viplav. Badi Amma calls Viplav and asks where is Dhaani? Viplav says she is not with him. Badi Amma warns to send Police. Viplav asks why you are saying this and promises to search her. He thinks of Dhaani’s words that she will commit suicide if people taunt her. He prays for her safety and comes to temple. She looks for her everywhere and finally finds her sitting in the temple. Ishq Ka Safed plays while he takes a sigh of relief. Dhaani looks at him. Viplav looks at her.

Viplav apologizes to Dhaani. Dhaani says your mum is not wrong, but you. She asks him to promise that he will never come in her life.

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