Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd September 2015 Written Episode

Nandhani’s uncle is searching endlessly for Rishab but then Nandhani says tht she is scared. The vendor calls them and asks them if they are looking for a boy and when they come to know the details of the person Nandhani thinks of Maddy. Her uncle goes to thepolice station and then she calls her to tell her that her uncle is at the police station and she is also going there. She calls Austad Mukesh and requests him to meet her and even after he declines saying that he is in a studio.
Madhiam goes out and Rishab after hearing the music starts to talk. Madhiam says that he is excited that he began to talk and says that he created this song for music therapy and t is working on him. He increases the volume saying that it will increase his chances of speaking. Once the volume is raised Rishab only speaks Nandhani hearing this Madhiam gets angry.
Abr suddenly starts to cry and Naviya after getting u realizes that he is very ill and then wakes up Mukti who then calls the doctor but he says to come in the morning. The decide to go to the doctor and when they get off the elevator they bump into the secretory who says that they will find no doctor at this hour aand she takes them with her.
Nandhani request the guard to let her go then Madhiam comes and says to come quietly and shows him Rishab then he says to take him and get out.
Aaliya is working and Dhruv calls and says that he was looking at some of their photos he says that he also sent her and Aaliya after looking at them says that he should not do this because nothing is the same and it will only increase the pain but Dhruv says that if they are together nothing will matter and says that he loves her and does she love him Aaliya does not answer and says that they will talk about this in the morning because she has to early.
The secretary applied some herbs and says that her son also got ill and her elder told her this recipe and it worked really well on her son. Her son comes asking why she switched on the lights and after seeing Mukti he turns back Mukti mummers something in Naviya ears but she tells her to be quiet. The secretary tells them that if he has a fever in the morning they are take him to the doctor naviya thanks her and they take off to their house.
Mukti asks Naviya to get up in the morning and to sleep in the bed but she gets up and after checking says that Abir has no fever and the Pumi aunti recipe worked then Mukti says her to get ready because they have to go to the elections.
Rishab finally spoke but she does not know how and even spoke her name. They all hug her and eat the sweets as they are eating Madhiam comes and says that they are celebrating before the elections and after making fun leaves. Nandhani goes after to ask what music did he play but he does not tell her and leaves.
Nandhani goes after him but he slams her and leaves then Aryaman comes and pushes Maddy who comes back dropping his phone. He says to Aryaman to not touch his shirt after this otherwise he will not be able to play the tabbla meanwhile Mukti takes hisphone and sends the message in favor of Nandhani. Mukti stops them and sys that they will meet after he has lost the elections.

Precap: The voting takes place and Nyonika announces the results with one at two hundred and thirty and four hundred and one , four hundred and three votes.

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