Swaragini 23rd September 2015 Written Episode

Swara tells Durga Prasad that Sanskar was sleeping when Laksh went to bring him. Laksh says Sanskar might have went through the pipe to his room. Durga Prasad says he has a point. Dadi says it is truth. Swara asks how did Sanskar know that Ragini will come to kitchen to drink water. She asks Ragini if she is sure? Ragini says yes, she is sure and says he was Sanskar. She says that bracelet was the proof against him. Swara asks everyone to go, and asks Durga Prasad, Laksh and Sanskar to stay. Laksh says you have less time to proof. Dadi asks Swara to accept that Sanskar is guilty. Durga Prasad tells that Swara requested him to give time to proof Sanskar’s innocence, and which he gave. He asks Sanskar and Laksh to stay back and others to go. He asks Swara, what do you want to do. Swara says she wants Ragini to come out. Durga Prasad asks Laksh to do as Swara says. Swara says not you, but Sanskar. He whispers something in Sanskar’s ears. Laksh asks why he will go to bring Ragini. Swara says only mad will repeat the mistake. Ram and Sujata worry for Sanskar. Sanskar ( in Laksh’s voice) knocks on the door and tells I came to take Ragini to downstairs. Dadi asks her not to worry and asks her to go. Annapurna worries. Swara tells the count down. She switches on the lights. Ragini sees Laksh standing in the front and sees Sanskar holding her hand as she came with him. Durga Prasad asks what she wants to prove? Swara says Ragini came with Sanskar thinking him to be Laksh.

She says I have proved that Sanskar is innocent and will show the proofs in the morning. Laksh says Sanskar is guilty. Durga Prasad asks Laksh to go to his room and let Swara do what ever she is doing as she is right. Sujata asks Swara if she will be able to proof him innocent. Swara says yes mum. Swara looks at Sanskar and recalls his love confession. Laksh tells Dadi that he can’t let Swara proves Sanskar’s innocence. Dadi asks him to forget the thing. Laksh says I can’t forget as Ragini is my wife. He says he will punish Swara if she fails to prove his innocence. He asks them to rest and goes to sleep in study. Dadi tells Ragini, you have trapped yourself in your lie. Ragini says this will not happen as my husband is with me. She says she can’t be his wife until Sanskar and Swara are here. She says Swara can’t prove her wrong. Dadi says once Swara decides, she will not leave until she proves. Sanskar tells Swara that he was thinking……Swara looks at the muddy foot prints and wonders from where did it come. Sanskar asks what is your problem? Swara sees a chain. Someone is seeing her from a trunk. Swara wonders whose chain it is. Sanskar asks why you are ignoring me. Dida asks Shekhar about Ragini. Shekhar tells that he don’t want to talk badly and goes. Sumi comes and tells Swara said that Sanskar is innocent. Dida tells Swara will never support wrong and prays for her win. Dida tells that she wants to go to Banaras and tells her sister is unwell. Sumi agrees.

Swara comes to Ragini’s room. Dadi says my lado will not go with you and will not answer to any of your questions. Sujata asks why? She says my bahu is trying to prove my son’s innocence. Ragini have to help her and answer for her questions. Dadi agrees. Swara shows the chain and asks if it is his. Laksh says it is not mine. Swara says I got it in the hall. She says she got the chain near the table. Laksh laughs. Swara says she is not joking. Laksh says we were in the room and you was alone here. I am calling the Police now. Durga Prasad says Police will not come. He says Swara is on right way and until her time is up, police will not be involved. Swara says she wants to check every room and hopes Laksh don’t have any problem. She says she will go with watchman to check every room and no one think that she has brought fake proofs. She checks all the rooms with watchman. Adarsh asks Swara if she will take all night to prove one thing. Swara says just Laksh’s room is left and goes to check. She sees two water bottles and stares it.

Swara asks Ragini to tell what happened? Dadi says Ragini will not answer again and again. Durga Prasad asks Ragini to co operate. Ragini says I came to drink water in kitchen. Swara asks why did you come to kitchen when two water bottles are kept in your room. Ragini looks shocked.

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