Tere Sheher Mein 23rd September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya coming to Gupta. She says Sumitra wants me to sleep in lane. He asks what, why. She says its ritual to do Shuddikaran of kitchen, I m worried that I m newly wed bride, anyone can misunderstand. He says yes, get my wheelchair. Bua gets the mat and pillow. Sumitra says dump it outside the door. Gupta says stop, our bahu won’t sleep in lane and scolds Sumitra, saying people will make gossips. He says you are head of committee now, and you will lose name. Sumitra thinks Amaya played good trick, she will see her later after Maha utsav. Gupta says Amaya can sleep inside home. Sumitra says fine.

Sumitra and Amaya get arguing. Amaya asks her not to scare much that her fear ends. Sumitra reminds her to have bath at ganga ghat at 4am and then clean kitchen. Amaya sleeps outside. Rama sees her and gives her mosquito repellant cream. He asks her not to misunderstand his concern, he does not want her to get ill, as he can’t take her to hospital. She has done many dramas at home, he does not want any other problem in Maha utsav. She thinks Rama has said right. She thinks who is doing this to make me and Sumitra fight. She says Mohini, Bua and Nani won’t do this, is Kangana behind all this. She goes to see Kangana in her room and does not find her.

She sees the pillows and goes out to ask the road side shopkeeper. The man says that girl has bought cigarette and then went. The auto driver tells Amaya about dropping that girl. Amaya asks her to take her to that place. Amaya comes in the bar. She sees Kangana selling off Sumitra’s gold bangles for cash. Amaya gets shocked seeing her drinking. A man identifies Amaya as Gupta’s bahu, Rama’s wife and asks why did she come here. She says I had some work. She asks another man about that girl. He says Kanika, she has gone. Amaya sees Kangana leaving and thinks if she can find any link, she can prove its Kangana.

Amaya comes home and checks for Kangana in the room. She gets shocked seeing Kangana sleeping. She thinks how can this happen, are they same person or different, I will find the truth. She leaves. Amaya takes bath and comes home to do Shuddi karan. She tells Sumitra she has to talk. Sumitra says get ready and come. Amaya changes clothes and comes for puja. She asks Sumitra about her bangles. Sumitra takes her to room and looks for the bangles. She does not get it. Amaya gets sure that Kangana is Kanika. She says she has to say something. Sumitra gets the bangles and shows her. Amaya asks is there similar ones. Sumitra says what are you saying, my mum gave me this in my marriage.

Kangana comes there and hears Amaya talking to Sumitra. Amaya says she regards her family, she feels someone is trying to harm their family. She says she has seen Kanika yesterday night and tells everything. Kanika looks like Kangana, we should ask Kangana. Sumitra scolds her for enjoying in bar at night and blaming Kangana now.

Kangana asks Sumitra not to fight and argues with Amaya. She asks you mean I m playing any game. Sumitra says Amaya is saying nonsense to hide her actions. She scolds Amaya. She says Kangana will dance well, and everyone will make fun of you, you are jealous of Kangana, you snatched the chance to make bhog. Don’t make my name spoiled, else your mum will lose respect. Kangana cries and says she will go from here, how could Amaya say all that. Sumitra asks her to practice well, when she gets applauded, Amaya will get slap. Amaya looks on and thinks she has to find Kanika’s truth, maybe she is wrong and Kanika has no relation with Kangana.

Sumitra stops media from clicking Kangana’s pic. Amaya gets thinking why Sumitra is doing so.

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