Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 23rd September 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, tiwari gets anita a flower vase, anita says its pretty so sweet of u, tiwari says not prettier than u, anita says thanku I will place it in bedroom, tiwari says lets keep near staircase, anguri comes n says wow such beautiful pot, vibhuti comes down saying bhabhiji n bymistake the vase breaks, tiwari says what did u do this, vibhu says I am very sorry, tiwari says I got it for bhabhiji n u broke it, vibhuti says its just a vase, tiwari says what will u understand feelings, vibhuti says oh cmon u don’t tell me abt feelings, anguri says forget it ladu ke bhaiya, tiwari says it was worth 300 but what value vibhutiji will have, vibhuti says ok wait let me give u money, tiwari says I don’t want it from bhabhijis earnings but urs and if u cant was ur face in dirty shit, vibhuti feels bad n leaves, tiwari says I was right bhabhiji, anita says no u are very wrong, anguri says u shdnt have done so, anita says it was just a vase, anguri says yes people are imp n not money, anita says yes u shd learn to respect others n leaves, anguri says even I don’t want to talk to u n leaves.
Vibuti at tea stall calls his friend prem, n says I need help a favor, prem say su live on my help n favors what else do u want, vibhuti says plz I need money, prem says why bhabhiji didn’t give u food, vibhuti says I want 3000 loan, prem says what abt ur old 1 lakh loanl first give that n then think or other n hangs the call.saxena joins vibhuti, saxena says u look tensed do u need help, vibhuti says yes, I need 3000 rs, saxena says u want money I will not give u, vibhuti slaps him n he leaves.
Happu singh joins vibhuti, and says how are u, vibhuti says good how abt u, happu singh says yes good too, vibhuti says just imagine if u die what will ur children n wife do, happu singh says sorry what, vibhuti says I mean if a truck kills u, hapu singh stop imagining bad things, vibhuti says no I mean did u make insurance shd I make one,it will help ur children n wife, happu singh so to sell ur policies u will kill me n don’t worry I will not die soon n I have no money for petrol from where I will pay policy money n leaves.
Vibhuti says a worker pulling loads, he sits beside vibhuti. Amaji gets a call from anguri, anguri says amaji I am not good, ladu ke bhaiya insulted vibhutiji for a vase, amaji says oh no this is so sad, anguri says even anitaji felt so bad, amaji says see anguri u teach ladu ke bhaiya a lesson, keep him insulting or else he will not learn what mistake he has done, anguri says but how, amaji says ok listen properly n shares few ideas, anguri smiles n says ok I will do as u say, amaji says very good bye now.
Anguri says sorry ladu ke bhaiya but to teach u lesson I have to do this, tiwari seating n says vibhutiji broke my vase n all are angry on me,anguri goes to him n says ladu ke bhaiya, tiwari says u talking to me, anguri says yes I am, tiwari says aren’t u angry with me, anguri says no sweetheart, tiwari says oh wow, anguri says listen darling I feel so romantic today, tiwari says oh love this side of urs come to me dear, anguri says not like this, first close ur eyes, tiwari says ok n closes his eyes, anguri throws cushion at him, tiwari says what is this, anguri says I don’t feel like now, tiwari says anguri u are insulting me, anguri says that right n leaves.
Vibhuti pulling loads, tiwari sees him along with anguri, tiwari asks what are u doing this, anguri says yes yes what is this, vibhuti asks tika n malkha passing bye for water, I am a worker I need help plz give me water, tika says whats wrong with u, vibhuti says I need some water, tika gives vibhuti water, vibhuti says thanku, anguri says tell me what rae u doing, vibhuti says I am worker now, n u big people will never understand pain of a worker, anguri calls anita, anita asks what is this vibhu, vibhuti says madam I am a small worker, anita says forget it lets go home, vibhuti says no madam, anita says vibhu I know u are hurt but plz come home, vibhuti says no madam no I am n worker let me work n leaves.anita looks at tiwari in anger n says this is all bcoz of u.anguri says u are so right n both leave, tiwari says such a big dramebaaz is this vibhutiji.
The other worker asks vibhuti what drama is this u are pulling empty boxes n acting as if they are full, vibhuti bribes him n says u wont understand.

Precap:tiwari says sorry to anita, anita says bcoz of u vibhu is feeling so low,disgusting.
Anguri woes tiwari.

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