Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th September 2015 Written Episode


The Episode starts with Viplav seeing Dhaani at the temple. He apologizes to her on his mum’s behalf and says his mum got angry as his engagement was broken. He says she vent out her anger on you. She says I understood one thing, where ever you will be, the trouble will come there. Dhaani goes. Viplav follows her. She says your mum is not at fault, but it is you. She says if everything is joke, you have broken your engagement with Tania and I was being blamed. She asks why did you save me? You would have let me die. Viplav says what are you saying? If dying is a joke. He says he is trying to cheer her up. Dhaani says if I am a machine to laugh or smile on your order. Viplav says you have a problem and you can’t change your perception. He says I have done so much for you, but you can’t forget the past.



Dhaani says some wounds can’t be filled with time, and asks him to let it be saying her respect will not be regained. She says people think her wrong, his mum accused her as engagement breaker and Tania might have held her responsible. Viplav says I made Tania understand everything. Dhaani says I am a ordinary widow and this thing do effect me.


Viplav says I can understand your pain and know what is going on in your heart. He says that’s why I was searching for you. Dhaani says what have you thought that I will commit suicide, but I will not do that. She says I came here as I don’t want Ashram ladies to feel bad. She says you can’t understand how we stay and save your respect. She says you did a mistake, and then your Dada ji came to apologize to me. She asks him to go and never make joke of any widow. She asks him never to come again infront of her.


Ram comes to Dasharath’s house. Shambu asks him to sit. Ram’s Dada and Dadi come there. Dasharath asks what do you want to say? Ram says he wants a bill of the gold with which Shalini was weighed. Dasharath is stunned. He asks Dadi and Shambu to bring snacks for Ram and sends them in. Dasharath tells Ram that he got this gold as a gift from his devotees, and therefore he don’t have the receipt of purchase.



Ram says okay and asks him to give receipts of the income tax filing. He tells it is his duty being IT officer. Dasharath signs Kanak as if he don’t know about him. Ram tells he wants to marry Shalini, but before he wants temple IT receipts. Dasharath thinks temple and everything is on Viplav’s name and thinks he will be trapped, so it is better to break Shalini’s alliance with Ram.


Tripurari thinks of Kanak humiliating Durga and swears to settle scores with her. Suwarna calls Tripurari and asks about Dhaani. Tripurari says he doesn’t know where is she and disconnects the call.


Dulaari comes to the temple and starts beating Dhaani. Viplav tries stopping her. Badi Amma holds Viplav responsible. Viplav asks shall I give you stone, asks you believe on a newspaper and not on your daughter and lawyer. He says it was written on the newspaper that a guy saved a girl from drowning. He asks Dhaani to tell the truth. Badi Amma asks who are you to ask Dhaani to say the truth when her mum is questioning her.



Kanak tells Dasharath that Viplav went somewhere and tells may be he went to apologize to widows. She says we have to stopped publication of the news. Dasharath asks why Viplav went to apologize to that widow. Kanak tells she insulted that widow and Viplav came to know about it. Dasharath asks her to inform him before doing such a thing. Kanak says Tripurari must have informed him. Dasharath asks I will see him. Kanak asks what Ram was talking about? Dasharath asks her to leave him alone for sometime. Kanak says okay.


Viplav says Badi Amma, can’t you see the truth? He says your dharm is wrong if it tells you to walk holding the disbelief. Badi Amma says we don’t have anything instead of respect. Viplav apologizes and asks what shall he do to remove black spot from Dhaani’s head. Badi Amma says people will not believe on Dhaani until your mum apologizes to her in front of them. She says it is the only way to save Dhaani’s respect. Vipalav looks on.



Viplav tells Dadi that he went to meet Dhaani. He asks Kanak to apologize to Dhaani. Kanak says never. Viplav holds his stuff and declares that he is leaving the house shocking everyone.


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