Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2015 Written Episode

Meera says Dharam it is good he understood that their marriage is a drama for the world and they cannot get intimate. She gives him pillow to sleep on floor and asks if he needs blanket. He says she will sleep on floor instead. He asks how dare he is to ask Meera Modi to sleep on floor. He asks her to stop boasting herself and showing her attitude. She shouts. He picks her and throws on floor. She shouts how dare he is, she will complain Gaura that her son does not know manners. She tries to open door, but Dharam closes it with his crutch, places foot on door and asks to try and remove his foot. She tries and he says nobody can shake his feet at all and throws her on floor again. He then says if she tries to show her arrogance, he will take his revenge for breaking his leg.

Gopi cries thinking of Meera and Vidya. Jigar continues calling Gaura’s family, but nobody picks call. Kokila asks her to calm down. Gopi goes and starts praying at home temple.

Gaura reminisces taking an oath on her brother’s funeral that she will take revenge from Gaura and at present looking at her brother’s photo says she will drown Modi family’s sun forever.

Vidya wakes up and searches for Shravan. She tries landline, but it is disconnected. She then knocks door and calls Shravan and Gaura to open door.

Gopi tells Jigar it is 24 hours now and they can give police complaint. Ahems says he will accompany her. Gopi says she will not take him as he does not care about their daughters.

Gaura opens door and says Vidya that door was jammed and asks if Shravan did not return home yet. Vidya snatches her phone and calls Kokila. Kokila picks phone and switches on speaker. Vidya starts crying and says Meera. Ahem asks where is Vidya. Gaura snatches phone and starts acting and says Meera is here. Modi family is shocked to hear that and Kokila asks is it. Gaura says if she comes here, she will know everything and says her voice is fluctuating and disconnects call. Gopi says Gaura told Meera is at her home and they should go there right now. Kokila hopes Meera did not do anything there.

Vidya asks Gaura why did she disconnect call. Gaura shouts at her and warns not to utter anything before her daadi comes and sleep in a corner of room. Vidya is shocked seeing Gaura’s changed tone.

Modi’s travel in car towards Gaura’s house discussing what Meera must have done there. Ahem crashes his car on a lady and lady falls down. They all get down and ask lady if she is fine. Lady nervously says she is fine. Kokila sees
her bleeding and says she will get her nursed at a nearby hospital. Lady says she is at fault and will be fine. Gopi applies kerchief on her wound and asks where is she going. Lady says Rishabhgarh. Kokila says they are going to Rishabhgarh and will drop her.

Meera comes down and complains Gaura that Dharam threw her on floor and even forced her to sleep on floor. Gaura says she will punish Dharam and asks her to go and get ready before her family comes here. Meera leaves. Gaura smirks and thinks she will use Meera against Kokila and family.

Precap: Modi’s are shocked to see Meera in a bridal attire with Dharam.

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