Sasuraal Simar Ka 24th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar says to sanju what are you going here? sanju says i am watching the painting. She is so nice. Simar says sanju.. her phone rings. Its amar. Amar says guru ji better now. When you were making tea for him? was sanjana near you? Simar says what you wanna say? He says i just wanna show you what you can’t see. Sanjana is fond of that painting. Simar says keep sanju away from all this. Amar says i am going back to that village to find the answers. Where is sanju? simar says she is with me and she is fine. I dont know why you wanna go there? Amar says there is some secret associated with that painting. Simar says okay do what you want, but dont involve sanju in all this. He says okay. sanju says to simar mama what happened? simar says nothing. Sanju says can i go out and play? simar says yes but dont go far from here. Sanju says to the painting you know amar is going to village to find your secret. Mata ji comes and asks what are you doing here? sanju says i am looking at her, she is so nice. Mataji asks karuna to come. Mata ji leaves. sanju says to painting okay. Amar calls simar and says simar come out and see where is sanjana going. Simar comes out, amar says dont stop her. Lets see where is she going. Amar says she is going to that village for sure, i lied to you. Simar says she is a child she can’t even think of it. I have to stop her. Simar stops sanju and asks where are you going? Sanju says i am going to guriya’s place. I asked you. Simar says i asked you to stay near the house. Amar says simar forgive me i was wrong and you were right. I shouldn’t have doubted sanju. I was worried about what was happening in the house.
Inspector called we have to return that painting. Simar says okay. Amar says i will take it in a while.

Amar says to shalu and sankalp, lets take this painting out of this house. that is where it belongs to. Sanju says no one will touch this photo. this aunty wont go anywhere. Everyone is dazed. Sanju shoves sankalp and amar. Sanju hugs the painting. Sanju says she wont go from here. Let her stay here. Everyone is bewildered. Simar says in heart there is something wrong. Is amar right?
Simar sprinkles gangajal on sanu. She faints. Simar picks her up. Mata ji says take her away from this painting. Simar takes her to the room. Simar says what is happening with us. Amar says nothing will happen to her. She will be fine. Simar reads the mantra and sprinkles petals on sanju. Sanju opens her eyes. simar says are you okay sanju? amar says i told you she is fine. We have all our answers in that village. The woman must know something. simar says you are right. we should go there. Sanju says don’t go there you wont find anything there because that woman is dead. Simar says how you know? Sanju says that painting aunt told me. Suddenly they all hear anklets and get scared. Mata ji says come to my room all of you and don’t come out. She takes them all in room.

SAnju stands up and goes out. Simar says sanju where are you going? Sanju locks the door from outside. Sanju goes to painting and smiles. Indra comes out of the painting. Uma wakes up and she comes out in the lounge. Indra comes out of painting and dances on ‘pami jaykumar’. uma hides behind pillar. Sanjana claps. Amar says simar dont worry we will find a way out. He tries to break the door but it opens itself. Amar says how did it open. They rush downstairs. sanju is nowhere. simar says where did she go? Everyone comes out. simar says sanju is missing. Karuna says look out. mata ji says ask in neighborhood. They see the paiting in which indra is not there. They are all dazed.

Precap-simar says this means she is indra. She became alive after mohini’s blood touched the dagger but where is sanju? sanju says from upstairs.. mama. She is in indra’s lap.

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