Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Thapki refusing to have food. Guru Maa asks why. Thapki says she is keeping fast today. Guru Maa gets glad. Aditi talks to her friend Raghav and says you are right, Diwakar should be caught red handed. He asks her to call Diwakar. She calls Diwakar and asks him to meet. He hears the same sound of the flute as the guy passes and asks her about the flute sound. Aditi and Raghav hide. She lies to him that she has come to see him, and ends call. Raghav says thank God, we got saved. She says now this Diwakar won’t be saved.

Thapki drinks water. Bihaan comes and smiles seeing her. He asks her to drink water all day, as she was acting great infront of Guru Maa. She says I m be hungry all my life, but not eat from your plate. He argues with her and sits on the bed, saying this is his home, not hers, she is guest for 3 months. Thapki shuts the door and scolds him. He spits the melon seeds on the bed and she calls him wild animal. He says yes, wait, and plays loud music. He asks her to shout now. She scolds him and he makes the room more untidy.

Guru Maa hears music. Dadi says they are newly married, maybe singing and dancing. She throws the water melon and asks him to leave, she can’t stay in such dirtiness. Suman asks servant to check the wires. He checks the wires and the recorder stops, as the fuse blows. Bihaan and Thapki argue. He says he is helpless to stay with her, as Guru Maa has come, he is counting that 3 months end and she leaves. He opens the door and gets shocked seeing Guru Maa and Dadi outside.

Guru Maa says I have heard everything and gets angry. She removes the thread off Dadi’s hand and throws it on the ground. She says their relation of many years broke today, as Bihaan and Thapki ruined the husband wife relation limits and insulted it. Dadi says no, you don’t know how did they get married. Guru Maa says marriage relation is made by Lord, its decided by Lord, and your family has insulted Lord’s decision, I can’t stay here, you lost the right to be my learner. Dadi cries and leaves.

Vasundara feels sorry, as she wanted to bring Thapki and Bihaan closer, she did not know this would happen. Dadi cries and says Guru Maa will not come back, I will not stay here, I will stay in Haridwar. Thapki apologizes to Dadi. Dadi says its our mistake, we have ruined your life and today my life also changed, I lost my Guru Maa’s support. Dadi gets sad saying Guru Maa used to do visarjan every year and goes. Thapki goes to the ashram to meet Guru Maa. She says its not Dadi’s mistake. Guru Maa says she does not want to talk about this matter, this relation can’t join again, you can go.

Thapki breaks the water pot. Guru Maa asks whats this foolishness. Thapki says I m sorry, I did this to explain the problem. She says the potter can make the new pot by this same mud. She says Dadi regards you Lord, where will she go, Dadi is very nice, just give her one chance. Dadi is leaving and stops seeing Guru Maa. Guru Maa says Thapki has got me back, saying she will rectify the mistake. Thapki tells Dadi that she regards this family as hers and will make sure nothing wrong happens here, she promised Guru Maa that she will not let anything wrong happen with this family, even if she has to stay with her husband in same room. Dhruv and Bihaan get shocked. Vasundara smiles.

Thapki stands at the door and gets tensed seeing Bihaan. He shuts the door.

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