Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 24th September 2015 Written Episode

Harshad is talking with Neunika and saying that you haven’t done anything to stop Nandini even when she brought Professor Mukash. Neunika says that Nandini’s step were positive towards space so I couldn’t stop her. Harshad says that I don’t care just do whatever you have to, rig the elections if you have to I don’t give a damn. Neunika says that are you mad, all the trusties re involved even Khurana and this time I really can’t help you. She ends the call and Harshad walks on with frustration.
Someone walks into Neunika’s office asking why her PA was stopping him to enter and asks if she didn’t want him to meet her, Neunika asks him to sit down and says that its nothing like that. He says that I only came here to tell you that about the letter I gave you regarding the fab5. I think you took the wrong meaning of it. He further says that I only want to tell you that I found that you banned them for life and I don’t want that as I want them to perform. Neunika says that she had to do it as she wanted to show how she would handle a rebellion. He says that understands but he wants that song under any condition and leaves. Neunika looks at the letter and says that then this letter will never reach you guys.
Navya, Aryaman and Nandini reach the board and write something regarding Nandini as the new leader. The voting starts and one by one all the students vote while Madhium sitting with Harshad starts to annoy him. Harshad says that why do you have double standards as you say something and do something else. Madhium says that are you crazy when Harshad explains him about the post he did on the social network. Harshad says that you just proved my point. Madhium gets up and gives some money to the guard and leaves.
He starts to look in the corridor when some guys stop him and says that what have you done with this post of yours. He goes and talks to a friend of his about some work and then joins Nandini and Harshad with a grin on his face. Neunika comes on that stage and says that I have the results, she says that 203 votes for Harhad, 403 votes for Nandini and Madhium has received 401 votes. Everyone starts to cheer for Nandini and Neunika congratulates her. Everyone of their group comes up and hugs Nandini. Later Aryaman says that it’s time to party finally.
Nandini is given the records for the college with manual and some other documents. On the other hand the rest of them are still partying. Muktii gives a toast regarding Nandini’s victory and says that lets keep her reason for the victory between us because if she finds out we don’t know what she might do. Everyone agrees and Aliya says that she needed this and also that we need to know the truth and maybe there was someone behind the blast. Everyone agrees and brings the name of Manik and Dhruv as well. Nandini asks the man for old recordes of college and keys while he says that Neunika has the authority for all of that so I can’t help you. Nandini says that it’s Okay and leaves.
Later Aryaman puts Nandini on a chair when they are all sitting in the room and mocks her. Dhruv is taking care of the baby when Aliya doesn’t understand something to Muktii said. Muktii tells her to learn Hindi and babysitting. They start to joke and dance on music a letter comes and the guard leaves it at the door as they don’t answer. Dhruv asks for Aliya and starts to dance with her and cracks a joke. Aryaman starts to dance with the baby and Navya scolds him and tells him to put the baby down instantly.
Later Dhruv is taking Aliya home and says that I will drop as you are drunk right now. Aliya keeps on laughing and when she is about to fall he catches her and they kiss. Nandini writes in her laptop saying that I won Manik. Muktii is pissed as she is cleaning and nobody is here to help her. She is about the letter in the dustbin and does when Navya sees it. She says that maybe it’s something important and says that it’s a notice from the society and they have asked us to empty the house.
Aliya is sitting with Dhruv and says that its all very depressing when relationships end and she was scared of that. Aliya starts to talk about her problem regarding Varun not accepting her designs. Dhruv says that lets go and meet him right not and the both of them agree.
The next day Neunika and Harshad are in a fight and Harshad says that someone who could do anything for her image couldn’t even rig an election. Neunika says that she has a meeting right now and has to leave. Harsahad says that if you would have let me meet Khurrana one time that this wouldn’t have happen. Neunika tells him to shut up and says that how could you have forgotten that he only gave the fab5 a warning letter which is still lying in her office and she has banned them for life. She says that the elections were beyond her control and Nandini hears all of it.

Precap: Aryaman confronts Madhium and calls him a loser. Madhium says that those who steal phones and cheat are not winners and says that Nandini is not like you so when she finds out about this the you’ll see who sits on the seat of the President.

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