Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 24th September 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, tiwari goes to anita n says I am so sorry bhabhiji I take my words back, anita says u know u cant take ur words back, tiwari says I am sorry I lost control over my mouth, anita says bcoz of u my vibhu is in pain, I am so disappointed with u n leaves, tiwari says what did u do, anguri is angry n bhabhiji too, I can bear anguris anger but not bhabhijis.
Amguri sees tiwari working, tiwari calls anguri, anguri woes him n attracts tiwari towards her, tiwari gets attracted towards herand about to hug her she runs away and tempts him to follow her, anguri takes him out of room n then locks him out and goes to sleep in bedroom, tiwari says anguri what is this plz don’t do this, anguri says did u feel insulted, tiwari says yes I did n anguri says good night.
Vibhuti sleeping on trolley n waiting for anita to come to him, anita goes out n checks where is vibhuti, she finds him on trolley outside the gate, anita says vibhu, vibhuti says I am an poor plz let me sleep here madam, anita says enough vibhu lets go to bed cmon, vibhuti says I don’t want ur bed, anita says vibhu u are hurting me vibhu, vibhuti says don’t spoil ur sleep for me go sleep, anita says vibhu u are punishing me for something I haven’t done, vibhuti say splz let me sleep, anita says fine sleep here, vibhuti says I will survive here,anita gets angry n goes in.
Anguri sees vibhuti sleeping outside n wakes him up,vibhuti says who is this waking me up, anguri says its me anguri, vibhuti says wow bhabhiji thanku u made my dad, anguri says don’t do this I feel bad, I feel bad seeing anitaji feeling bad for u, don’t do this, their conversation is interrupted by traffic, anguri says see enough of this go home now, vibhuti says no bhabhiji I have to do it, anguri unable to here bcoz of loud traffic she gets angry n goes in.
Anita tells her friend on call abt vibhu n says my poor vibhu working so hard, last night he slept out,this is all bcoz of tiwariji n that to bcoz of a vase, bye now. Tiwari comes from behind, anita says plz go I don’t feel like talking to u I cant bear u, tiwari says vibhutiji is acting he is a dramebazz, anita says u are again insulting my husband go get lost, tiwari runs.
Anita sees vibhu eating onion n roti, she gets him food, n says vibhu don’t eat this, vibhuti says I am worker n this is all I can afford, anita says no vibhu see I made ur fav dishes have it, vibhuti says no madam I cant eat, I see ur richness shining in it, n its not good for u, anguri says see vibhutiji even I got food for u, vibhuti says no madam no, anita says see anguriji tell him, anguri says eat something how will u work if u don’t eat, vibhuti says don’t worry I will manage,anguri says ok don’t eat n goes in, anita says if u will not eat even I will not have food, vibhuti says madam don’t do this for a mere worker, anita gets angry n goes in.
Vibhuti eats chicken hiddwn under trolly, anguri tells amaji that she insulted ladu ke bhaiya 3 times n I think I shd stop it now he must have got his lesson bye now, anita comes n says anguriji I am not liking all this, anguri says I can understand, anita says tell me how I must be living without vibhu, I hope vibhu comes home soon, tiwari comes n says I will bring vibhutiji, anita says bye, tiwari says stop bhabhiji I promise I will make vibhutiji back to normal as he was,anita tiwari anguri go out n see vibhuti.
Vibhuti acts as if he is too tired n asks tika n malkha for water, they give him water, vibhuti says thanku so happy to know u aren’t like this rich people n points at tiwari, anita says enough vibhu I cant see u like this, vibhuti says this is my life now madam. Tiwari says enough of it vibhutiji get off this workers outfit n get into the real vibhutiji,vibhuti says I am an worker sir, tiwari says bcoz of ur worker thing I had to bear so much hatred I beg of u, vibhuti says I am an worker sir what will I give u.

Precap; aniat looks at a hot girl walking n all men behind her n soon sees vibhuti rushing to her.
Tiwari says see how I use this girl against vibhutiji.

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