Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Naksh telling about the three generations teams and Rashmi and Sameer as judges. The group one is called, which has the eldest generation. Rajshri, Dadi, Bhabhimaa, Devyaani, Kaki dance on the song DJ wale babu mera gaana chalade………. Vishwamber, Omi, Bau ji also join them. The second generation group comes next. Akshara, Naitik, Jasmeet, Anshu, Varsha, Shaurya dance on the song Tut u tu tara………… The third generation of youngsters dance on mera piya gaye Rangoon………… Naksh, Ananya, Yash, Naira, Sanju, Gayu, ……… dance. Everyone clap for the acts.

Naksh asks Sameer and Rashmi to tell who is the winner. Sameer says all three dances were best, and we forgot to judge, its not fair to decide. Sameer’s sisters say they will do Garba with them. Motaben says we will keep a Garba competition. All the families sing and dance Garba, enjoying a lot. Gayu looks on sad. Naitik falls down and gets hurt. They all get shocked. Naitik says this time he got fractured. Naksh says come on, you are not a kid, you are trying to seek attention since morning.

Naitik says I m not Naksh to make reasons, I m really hurt. Akshara says stop it Naksh, he is really hurt. Sameer’s brother in law is a doctor. He checks Naitik and says its not fracture, you would have been screaming. Naitik asks Akshara to take him to hospital. Akshara says no need, doctor has checked you. Naksh jokes on Naitik. Bau ji says we will end this program here and take guests for lunch.

Sameer’s sister say about mehendi, and its just day for marriage now. Naksh asks Sameer to stay here. Sameer’s family leaves. Rajshri jokes and fools Vishwamber. The ladies smile. Shaurya asks don’t they want to come. Rajshri says we will go, and you all will stay here. They say they kept hens party for Rashmi, like they have bachelors’ party. Shaurya asks when did they make this plan. Varsha says long time back. Naman asks Karishma how will he manage Mishti alone. Naira says this is not fair, we want to come.

Akshara says when you kids do party in school, do you take us, now let us enjoy. Naira says yes, fine we will have fun at home. Naitik asks Akshara will she leave him. Naksh says what can mum do. Akshara says Naksh will be with you. Naira says I will be with dad. Anshu asks what will they do. Naman says fine, do anything, you feel we don’t have any party, we have bachelors party. Sameer gets glad. Akshara says we all will enjoy in two parties. Naman asks Naksh whats their plan. They make some plan. Naman and Anshu say its wrong. Naksh says nothing will happen, its your wish.

Naman says they will drop the ladies. Rajshri says we have driver. Naksh says I wil drop. Sanju says we don’t trust you. Naksh says we will just come and not get inside house. Naksh goes with them. Sameer asks whats the plan. Naman says we have good plan.

Akshara says we will not waste time and go to change clothes. Jasmeet sees Anshu at home. Karishma says Jasmeet is missing Anshu and sees Naman. Anshu and Naman hide. Akshara says they have gone mad. Naira and Mishti play with Gayu. Mohit tells about hens party. Shaurya says I think they will dance, sing and have good food. Bau ji asks Naitik. Naitik says I have some idea, such parties used to happen in Cape town, Akshara has told me. Sameer asks what happens in it. Naitik says ladies call men for dance. Mohit asks what is he saying, this won’t happen here. Shaurya says yes. Naitik says I m saying about Cape town party. Naman and Anshu come with Naksh and Yash, and say they arranged everything. Mohi asks whats the plan. Naksh laughs.

Naitik asks Naksh does he get such ideas. Naksh says he has just helped. Akshara calls Naitik and says she did not expect this from him, he disappointed her.

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