Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dulaari apologizing to Dhaani for misunderstanding her. Dhaani wipes her tears and asks her not to feel bad. Badi Amma asks Dhaani not go inside. Dulaari tells we should not have asked Viplav to convince his mum to apology to Dhaani. She says we are poor widows and they are rich. Badi Amma says everyone is same and tells God can do miracles. Dadi asks Viplav, where have you gone? Viplav tells that he went to meet Dhaani. Dadi says you should not have gone there. Kanak asks did you make everything fine. Viplav says I did what was in my hands, and says remaining thing is in your hand. He asks Kanak, what she can do for him. Kanak says I love you and can do anything for your happiness. Viplav asks her to apologize to Dhaani. Dadi asks what did Kanak do? Kanak says you are asking me to apologize to her and says it is her insult to even look at that widow. Viplav says so you will not apologize. Kanak says never. Dadi asks what happened? Kanak shows her hand asking her to stop questioning. Dasharath calls a minister and tells him that his shishya needs to be transferred. He tells his name is Ram Chaturvedi. Minister says he will get him transfer. Dasharath says you will have to go to vanvas…..Ram…without Sita.

Viplav thinks about Dhaani’s words asking her to go away from her life and never to come back. Dadi comes. Viplav says he can’t bear if a girl is humiliated because of him. Dadi asks if you are talking about that widow. Viplav says he didn’t know that a small joke will take a dangerous face. He says I try to make her happy and gets her sad. Will I be able to bring happiness in her life? Dadi says I don’t know if you will be able to do something good for them. She says you can’t feel her pain unless you go through the same. Kanak calls Tripurari and insults him for sending photo to Viplav. Shalini comes to Kanak and tells about Ram’s transfer. She asks her to talk to Dasharath and says she wants to be in the same city as them. Kanak agrees to talk to Dasharath. Kanak comes to Dasharath and tells she wants something for Shalini. She tells about Ram’s transfer and asks him to stop the transfer. She says I know you can stop the transfer. Dasharath says I can stop, but I will not.

Kanak asks why? Dasharath says as I got this transfer done. Dadi sees Viplav going somewhere with his stuff and asks is he going? Kanak comes and asks the same. Dasharath says I am happy that you are going to US and asks him to hug him. Viplav tells he is not going to US, but leaving this house. Dasharath is shocked. Shambu asks why you are leaving the house. Dadi panics. Kanak asks Dasharath to ask. Dasharath asks what is the reason? Viplav says Maa can tell you the reason better and leaves home. Dasharath asks Kanak, what did Viplav means?

Dhaani prays to God to give some understanding to Viplav, so that he don’t cross her way. Just then someone knocks on the Ashram door. Badi Amma asks Dhaani to open the door. Dhaani opens the door and finds Viplav standing. Ishq Ka Rang Safed music plays………………….Viplav too looks at her. Badi Amma says if Aata wala came. Viplav says no, its your lawyer. He greets Dulaari and badi Amma. Dhaani asks why did you come back again? I told you not to come here. She says what kind of a man is you? Viplav says I am not a man, but Rakshas. He says thing is that I will stay here from today. All the widows are shocked. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Viplav came to troubled her, and tells Viplav to leave else she will make him leave forcibly. Viplav agrees to leave, and asks for his law’s fees 1 Lakh rupees. Badi Amma is shocked. Viplav says I thought to stay here for compensation of that money.

Dhaani asks Viplav to leave the Ashram and throws his stuff outside. Viplav looks on.

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