Qubool Hai 25th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum is shocked at razia’s proposal to marry azad to mahira. Razia says that she shall always be close to her this way. khan begum says that mahira is the maid and works here with her sisters and she would be then become a queen if she married azad. razia says that this is the only way out, for her to revive her old powers, glory and shape. she asks khan begum to think and then act. Outside, mahiurea is disgusted as she remembers what she saw in azad’s room, and says that she never wants to see him ever again. she decides to leave. azad eyes her from the opposte end of the corridor, when amad comes in amused, asking what did he do that upset her so bad, and asks him to go and comfort her. He eyes amad angrily. Amad asks if he wont go, as he shall go to wipe off her tears. he grabs amad by the collar, and says that wound shouldnt be inflicted so easily, but so severely that they are always fresh. azad says that he knows it was his plan to send the girl in his room. Amad rectifies him that not his room, but his bed, and asks if anything happened. Azad gets angry and he raises his hand to slap him, but Amad says that he did exactly what he wanted then why is he angry. Azad asks why would he want it. Amad says that he wanted to berak mahira’s heart and helped him to do it, so successfully. he says that his work is done as whenever mahira sees him now, she would see him with disgust. razia eyes them both and says that these two sons of his, shall be her pawns, and she shall have to ignite love in them. Khan begum says that azaad shall never agree to this relation, as some storms are always away from ther light, as they know if they come close, the light shall flicker out, and azad is like that, and being a noble soul, he shall never do this to mahira. she says that she knows him too well. razia says that if azad doesnt agree then what, amad would. Khan begum is shocked, and thinks that if this is the way to get her powers, then so be it, as she would never allow mahira to go away from her.

In the outhouse, saira and bano are excited and boggled, to find mahira packing away her bags and belongings. They come in pretending to be upset and tensed, and ask why is she going. she says that she has a better job offer, and hence is taking it up. They say that they shall miss her. She says that she shall miss them too, but this house doesnt suit her, as something or the other always goes wrong, and hence she is leaving and shall never come back. they ask her if she needs their help in packing, but she says that she is almost done. They hurry her out, saying that this is the best time for travel.

In his room, Azad calls someone and asks him to confirm if mahira is taking up that job in shimla. The person confirms and tells him that she is leaving for Shimla today only. Azad asks about his living arrangements. He says that the bungalow that he had ordered for along with two maids, has been prebooked for mahira. Azad asks him not to bother for the expenses, but should just keep mahira comfortable. He assures that mahira shall not have any problems staying here. Azad cancels the call, and then eyes mahira’s pic longingly.

As she walks out with her bags, mahira remembers her first step inside, and then the peer’s warning and then azad’s confession of love and then the callous betrayal. she gets teary eyed and emotional. Azad watchges her from a distance, as he remembers how she had seen the real and genuine, soft side to him. She turns around, thinking that she shall leave this house forever, and just then, azad hides so that she doesnt see him. mahira remembers her bitter sweet moments with azad, and gets teary eyed. Azad finds mahira with her bags packed and loading them in an auto, ready to take off from the house. He is distressed and sad that she is going. Nevertheless, he thinks that mahira shall have to rightfully go very far away from him. She gets in the auto and drives off. He thinks that his life is going away and ironically he cant even stop her. he says that he shall have to hide his love, hosoever immense it might be for mahira, from everyone, his family, friends and even himself, so that she can live peacefully and safely. he says that his heart says that whatever happened to her, happened due to him. he remembers her turning to stone. He thinks that they arent a compatible couple, as being with him, would only mean ruins for that person, and he cant bear that for her. he gets emotional and teary eyed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While passing by in her car, kainat stops as she finds the guy who saved her the other day, at a tea stall. she gets down and greets him. he is pleased and then introduces her to his friends. they insultingly comment on her handicapped hand, and she is embarrased while he is tensed. she says that she is getting late and turns to go. he asks her to stop. he then reprimands them all and asks them to apologise for what they said. she says that she doesnt need it, as what they said is true. he says that it might have been the truth, but there’s a way of saying it, and it isnt how they did. he asks them to apologise. His friend asks if he would fight with them over this girl. he says that this is the reason he is explaining this to them. they apologise and hastily leave. she comes to him and asks why did he need to do this. he says that they were insulting her, and how could he have remained silent. she eyes him overwhelmingly.

In the auto, mahira notices that the driver has taken a wrong turn, and isnt going on the right path. he doesnt say anything, but stops when she finally orders him to. he unloads her stuff and drives off. she is left stranded on a lonely road wondering what to do now, as she doesnt realise where she is. mahira turns around to find herself at gunpoint, byt masked goons. she is boggled and taken aback. a van arrives. they push her in a van which then drives off. mahira is shocked and scared.

Scene 3:
Loccation: Undisclosed location
An unconscious mahira meanwhile lies down on a hospital bed, with the spotlights on her. A lady comes in with wearing surgical gloves. Razia and khan begum eye her, and think that she is finally in their trap. Khan begum says that she doesnt even know whats going to happen to her. razia says that mahira shall need a makeover so that she can work as a pwn in the form of weapon for them, for their mission.

As razia and khan begum eye her tensedly, for the work to begin, Mahira begs to allow to be gone, as she is literally blind, without her glasses. She then sees them both, and asks them to let her go. they continue staring at her. When she continues to scream and plead and beg to be allowed to go, an assistant type lady slaps a tape across her mouth, to prevent her from making a noise. mahira is apalled. They eye her with a vicious idea.

Scene 4:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Meanwhile, azad instinctively feels that mahira is in some danger, and getsd tensed and restless. But wards off his concerns and goes inside. he keeps assuring himself that nothing is wrong with mahira, as she is away from him, who poses the greatest threat to her. but then is tensed, that mahira seems to be in some danger, and thats why he is so restless. he says that love teaches fear, and that wherever mahira is, she must be safe. he tries that same person’s number, and asks if mahira reached shimla. He denies and says that he was about to call, as mahira’s number is switched off too. He asked why didnt he call him then. azad gets disturbed and says that he wanted info of every second of mahira’s whereabouts. he cance4ls the call, and then tries mahira’s number, and finds it switched off. he presumes that she is definitely in some kind of danger. he walks out. amad notices this amusedly. The screen freezes on amad’s face.

Precap: amad coems to azad and teases him if he is going after mahira, then its in vain. he promises azad that he shall make azad’s mahira, his own, right in front of his eyes. he says that mahira has no value to him, but just out of spite and hatred for his own brother, i.e. him, he shall marry mahira and make her his. azad angrily glares at him and raises his fist. The brothers are tight fisted at each other, as a scuffle ensues.

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