Sasuraal Simar Ka 25th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar says what do you want from us Indra? Sanjana says mama.. she is upstairs in indra’s lap. Everyone is scared and bewildered. Indra comes downstairs. she says don’t worry about sanju, she is fine. she is such a nice girl and so attached to me. She can’t even think about staying away from me. Simar says what you want? Indra says your trust. sImar says what trust? Indra says i want you to trust me, i will save you from all your troubles. i will make your family one again. I will return your favor this way. Simar says what favor? indra says i was captivated in that dagger for 100 years. Because of you I am back to life. Amar says you what you did to uma and guru ji we know it. That woman and artist died because of you. Do you have an answer for this? Is this your way to return favors? indra says i dont like someone misbehaving with me. Put your finger down. I am giivng you respect to i expect same in return. I will answer all your questions. Uma’s condition and ananji’s death has same answer. I was alive the moment mohini’s blood dripped on the dagger.
That artist was scared seeing me moving, he was so scared. and same happened to your uma bhabhi. And that woman she said so much about me so she had to die.

I have nothing to do with you people. And about guru ji and sanjana. Guru wants to kill me again and sanjana got to know my truth. But Sanjana is a pretty girl i wont do anything to her. I made her my friend. Mata ji says what about what she did? indra says sanjana didn’t like guru ji trying to kill me. So she did what she could. Unless you people harm me, you shouldn’t fear me. I want to help you people. I have got this new life because of you people. Simar says why you wanna help us? what you expect in return? She says i have no expectations. Keep my secret to yourself only. When I am done let me go from here. After that our way are different we wont involve in each other’s life. I know roli, sid, prem and anjali are captivated in mohini’s magic. I can bring them back. i can do this return of the favor. Amar says so this is your excuse to live here for three days? So you can harm us. She says talk with decency. And amar don’t you think you are talking too much when you are not even part of this family. Don’t you know how to talk to women? I am talking with such decency and you are misbehaving. Simar says we need time to contemplate on it. She says i am going from here. Call me when you deduce something. If you decide not to take my help then i will go from here. But remember no one can take your family back. She leaves.

Simar says we dont know what to do. She said she will leave us then my shouldn’t trust her? We have no other option but to trust her. indra says right decision simar. Sorry i could hear you people. Simar i want everyone to trust that you wont be harmed because of me. i will do pooja tomorrow a magical one to bring your family back. So tell me simar? Do you accept this? Simar says yes we agree. Mohini says you’re right there is something that i want. I want to stay here for three days.

Whatever you think, i just want to live peacefully in this new world. Mata ji says okay. Simar says we agree, we will do whatever you need. She says now leave everything upto me. Don’t be scared of me. I want to do good to you. Bell rings.

Precap-Simar says indra i know you are here come out. Amar says she has gone. Indra comes out laughing and disappears again. .

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