Tashan-e-Ishq 25th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Anita says to Leela that you have to accept truth, i am feeling pity for you, you used to sing in praises of your daughter and used to say ill about my son but today your daughter chose my son and has ditched you, you want proof? you remember Twinkle was taken from Miss Amritsar competition, it was Yuvraj who took her, the Sardar who came in Chinki’s engagement was Yuvraj and who called him there? it was your daughter Twinkle, your daughter forced Raman to beat Yvuraj as Raman had seen them together, Leela says you are lying, my daughter cant do anything which will put my head down, Anita says then you should bow down your head as soon Twinkle will call you and will say that i have runaway with Yuvraj and have married him, Yuvraj and your daughter Twinkle is going to marry right now, Leela is heart broken listening this, Anita smirks, Lawyer gives bail papers to Anita, Anita says i knew you would call police so i had already made arrangements of my bail, she gives papers to inspector, police leaves, Anita ask Leela will you leave now? Leela says i dont believe this, my daughter cant cheat me like this.
Kunj and Twinkle comes to shop keeper, he says i cant make idol today, you buy it from someone else, Kunj says our Guru has said to buy from you only, shop keeper says i have to make pots today so i cant make idols, Kunj and Twinkle says what if we make your pots and you make idol for us? shop keeper agrees, he goes to make idol, Kunj and Twinkle sit to make pots together, Twinkle’s hair strand irritates her,Kunj moves it away from her face, she glances at him.

Scene 2
Yuvi says to Pundit that i have brought everything needed for wedding, he says i am waiting for Twinkle, why she didnt come, i will take revenge from her today.
Usha says to Manohar that if Twinkle and Yuvi have affair then we shoudl break this relation, Leela says atleast you dont say this, Anita is lying, Twinkle doesnt even wanna see Yuvi’s face, my Twinkle cant do this, Manohar says i accept Twinkle is open minded but i trust Twinkle fully, i know she cant do anything wrong, i am worried if she is in any problem.
Kunj and Twinkle make pots, they are about to hug each other out of excitement, both stops, Twinkle says i should leave now, Yuvi must be waiting, Kunj says if Yuvi loves you then he will understand, you have come all the way from Amrtisar to this new city for him so he will understand that you are little late, Twinkle says i didnt know you can talk sensibly too, Kunj says you dont know many things about me, shop keeper says i have made idol and have loaded in truck, Kunj and Twinkle leaves from there.
Pinni says to Leela that i always had doubt on Twinkle, now Leela will have to marry Twinkle with Yuvi, Twinkle will bear pain in Anita’s house, Leela says enough, i cant do anything which is against Twinkle’s happiness thats why i have chosen best guy for Twinkle that is Kunj, he will keep her happy for life.
Twinkle and Kunj are in truck, Twinkle is tensed as she is late, Kunj senses her tensed, both keep glancing at each other otherside Yuvi is waiting for Twinkle.
Twinkle stops truck, Kunj helps her to get down, she says i will go from here, if Yuvi sees me with you then he will be angry, you can leave now, she starts going away from him but turns and says Thanks for accompanying me, you are not that bad which you try to be, Kunj says i feel same, you are bad but not that bad, both smile at each other and share eyelock, she leaves.

Scene 3
Twinkle comes to Yuvi in godown, he looks at his watch in anger, she finds Pundit and mandap for marriage there, she ask whats all this?m Yuvi says dont try my patience, you are late and reacting like you dont know anything, today is our marriage, Twinkle says i didnt come here to marry you, i have come to pacify you, we cant do mistake in hurry, we cant runaway like this, i will talk to my family, everything will be sorted, Yuvi says enough fo lecture, he drags her.
Kuni si going back in truck to Amritsar, he says why i feel something bad is going to happen with Twinkle, he prays to Mata Rani for her,

PRECAP- Yuvi lights matchstick and burns havankund to take pheras, Twinkle is tensed.

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